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Life as a Nomad: Hong Kong

Life as a Nomad: Hong Kong

This Life as a Nomad post comes at you from the awesome Jonny Blair at Want to tell your ‘Life as a Nomad‘ story? Head to this page for more information. So, tell me about Hong Kong. I had travelled around Taiwan and China before, but... read more
Random pictures: the shells edition

Random pictures: the shells edition

As always, Random Pictures posts show some of the shots that didn’t make it into other posts. See previous random pictures over here. So I went out to a beach near Krabi recently and played with extension tubes in-between swims. These devices are basically a... read more

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One Weird Globe: Thailand

Coming March 2015

Get off-the-beaten-path in Thailand – over 100 places to go!

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Choose your own way through Bangkok!

Each day offers one of 800 possible routes through the City of Angels.