Every so often, I’m asked which travel blogs I read.

I’d reckon artists get asked whose art they enjoy, chefs get asked where they enjoy eating out, and so on. It’s a nice way of picking someone’s brain on a subject they know well – presumably the artists know art and the art community well enough to have some favorites. Same with chefs and food.

I didn’t really have a response – until now.

A quick word before starting with the list. First, these are in no particular order. Second, no one paid or asked to be on the list. Third, travel blogs are kept by travel bloggers, and some of my favorites are favorites because of the personality behind them, not just the words on a screen. Finally, I really do read all of these blogs, along with a few dozen others in my Feedly. If you’ve never heard of Feedly, it’s my RSS reader of choice after the beloved Google Reader went away (RIP).

Without further ado:

Too Many Adapters logo

At some point in the past, there was a trend to name your blog after problems the frequent traveler had – a different take of #firstworldproblems, perhaps, but one that led to some clever names. Dave Dean and his team take a pass on the flowery language and get to the tools and advice you’ll need while traveling.

Talon and his teenage son Tigger travel the world (thus the name ‘1 Dad, 1 Kid’) planting their flag and making a base for themselves. They make for an honest, refreshing look at why travel can be so fun. He gets around, which is great in and of itself, but they also settle into some places for longer. It’s fairly rare to read such an honest take on the traveling life — especially when things don’t go as planned or there are hard choices to make.

I’m not always a fan of this blog’s tone, which frequently infers the slowly declining American empire is near an end. Whether you choose to look past it or embrace it as true, mobile entrepreneurs and digital nomads will find a vast amount of knowledge dedicated to keeping you and your assets mobile. Taxes, establishing residency, getting a second passport, and other subjects are covered, though many of the posts are written to a much richer sort of person than I’ll ever be! The home page may be as far as you need to go to get steered to a good resource.

Jon Look’s fairly well-known blog has to like and respect, whether you’re ready for an early retirement or just looking for some fun stops along the way. With plenty of colorful photos and an ongoing ‘What does it cost to live for a month in?’ series, it’s a great blend of feeding your wanderlust and getting you on the path yourself.

Don't Stop Living

Jonny Blair is a favorite to many, and it’s no big surprise. Whether he’s traveling to countries never seen by Carmen Sandiego or exploring the intricacies of getting visas in countries that see few tourists, he’s been blogging since 2007, longer than almost anyone. He’s also tried a bunch of ways to make money while traveling, and isn’t afraid to share what works and doesn’t.

Journey Wonders - Adventure & Cultural Travel

Raphael’s posts end up talking about traveling as much as the destinations themselves. That’s part of the appeal for anyone who enjoy reading about his nomadic life. With plenty of philosophy mixed with travel photos, there’s also quite a few travel suggestions from around the world to fit into your plans.

Yara Coelho recently admitted she won’t be a nomad forever, but that won’t stop me from following her wherever she goes. Vegan, food-lover, and bilingual, there’s plenty to like here no matter what sort of stories you might be looking to read.

Call her Sab. She’s from Berlin but has been going (nearly) non-stop since 2008, and whether she’s exploring seaside towns in south Italy or the slums of Manila, she has a story to tell for most any corner of the globe you’re thinking of visiting. A lot of posts are list and photo based, and is easy to navigate for you more vicarious types.


While I personally don’t much in common with this solo female traveler, I love her perspective on traveling all the same. Whether she’s holding a requiem for a favorite dress or tracing her roots across a number of countries, travel becomes more than just a list of places she’s visited. Be sure to check her Travel Resources page out.

Matt Long’s tome covers a great mix of destinations and reflections on life as a traveler. With posts running the gamut from Egypt to Germany, using Instagram or checking out the Duke Lemur Center (yes, that’s a real place) there’s something for most everyone.


While not a travel blog, I’d like to give honorable mention goes to Skift, which is easily my favorite source for keeping up with what’s happening in the world of travel. Their perspective is quite broad / ‘macro’, and rarely of much specific help as I’m traveling. If you’re part of the business side of travel, keeping up-to-date here means keeping up with trends, expert observations, and new developments.

OK, so it’s your turn. Which blogs / bloggers are your favorites?

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