Announcing Korean Made Easy, version 3.0

ANNOUNCING the newest version of Korean Made Easy – version 3.0 features an audio track recorded with a native Korean speaker.

What is Korean Made Easy? In short, it’s an irreverent, basic look at the Korean language and culture. In almost five years, I’ve never needed to say ‘I am wearing a green sweater’ in English, let alone Korean, so why learn it? It features chapters on everything from formalities and honorifics – a big deal in this historically-Confucian-based society – to ordering vegetarian.

Version 3.0 adds the MP3′s to go along with each chapter (some chapters are split up into smaller chunks), and adds a grammar section for dozens of the most commonly used functions.   The version for Apple’s iPad features embedded audio – for everyone else, the audio tracks can be played online, or downloaded for your MP3 player or smartphone (it’s quite difficult to embed audio for other devices!).

Other chapters cover:

  • Getting to know people – everyone from co-workers to your students.
  • The holidays Korea really celebrates – including the ones you WON’T find on most calendars.
  • Eating – with a special section for vegetarians and those with allergies.
  • Korean alcohol – some of the most potent stuff around.
  • Curses – the words and phrases that’ll make the old people blush.
  • Handling your students (if you’re an English teacher).
  • Talking to your boss and co-workers (using the formal tense)
  • Traveling around Korea – how to read the maps, get help, and get around without a guidebook.
  • What to say when you feel like crap.
  • Korean expressions and slang – stuff some locals have never heard from a foreigner’s mouth.

Korean Made Easy 3.0 is available on the following e-bookstores:

Available for your Kindle 3, Fire, Touch, Paperwhite or Kindle app.  If you have a Kindle 1, Kindle 2, or Kindle DX, get this version with pictures of the Korean text.

Now available on Apple’s iBookstore, and features embedded audio - no internet connection or downloading required! Note: this version is for your iPad only – pick up one of the other versions for your iPhone.


Available on the Barnes & Noble e-bookstore and the B&N Nook.


Available on the Google Play bookstore.

Available on Kobo for almost any electronic device you own – tablet, smartphone, or Kobo e-reader.


It’s also available as a PDF - read it on any device you own!

If you like the printed word, no worries - get the 234-page paper book on Amazon.

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