Life here in Seoul comes with a few benefits: easier access to Western food, plenty of stuff to see, and more music and performances than you can handle. Three evenings in a row held a performance each, and to be clear there were plenty more out there to attend.

Anyway, Thursday night – Barberettes – All That Jazz in Itaewon:

Classic barbershop tunes, mixed in with some Korean originals:

It’s always fun when a guest singer joins the stage:


A soulful baritone.

Shooting at All That Jazz means you can’t use a flash, and the seated crowd means either arriving early to get a choice seat or maneuvering around without blocking the view.

Friday night – Naughty Ajeossi and new band Slippery Ginger at Woodstock:

Playing with the spotlight as a rim light – lots of fun.

Just a little vintage cross-processing to bring out the colors.

DGBD has pretty good white light, though the level is far from even. You’ll either blow out someone who’s in the light or put someone else in the shadows. Keep it on shutter priority and turn up the ISO.

Saturday night was the  Sullied Rockfest – Hunger Tree, Sotto Gamba, Red Hot Kimchi Peppers, and Total @ssholes over at Rocky Mountain Tavern:


A great duo as always.

Getting up close and personal with bass players makes for some fun shots.

Again, even lighting remains a bit of a challenge, especially with fast-moving musicians.


Next up: the Red Hot Kimchi Peppers. One guess as to whose songs they play.

Last and worth the wait, the Total @ssholes, playing high-octane covers from the last couple decades:



Apparently Sir Mix-a-lot had too many words in his song for her to remember them all.


Rocky Mountain Tavern is pretty easy to shoot in, but it’s the crowd that can make it more difficult – and this goes double when there’s lots of dancing going on. That said, bring your zoom lens and get up to the front row for the best chances.