Guest posts are a chance to not only increase readership on your website, but expose your website to a completely new set of readers. The readers of One Weird Globe are primarily based in Thailand, South Korea, the USA, Canada, and several other English-speaking countries. If interested in guest posting, please send your idea to chris AT oneweirdglobe DOT com, or use the contact form. A proposal doesn’t need to be fancy – just a few sentences about yourself and your idea is great. Sending a proposal or the entire article guarantees a reply from me. 

Some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Posts should be informative and insightful. If describing a place, giving good directions is essential. If reviewing a restaurant, use all five senses to tell a story.
  • Write from your unique perspective and original point of view – if you haven’t experienced it or been there first-hand, don’t write the story.
  • Links should be relevant to the article, and should not be about selling a product or service. All links will be no-follow. No affiliate links or SEO tricks are allowed, and links will be removed from the article if they are. Links to your personal or professional projects or profiles are perfectly acceptable in the bio.
  • All guest posts are subject to revision before publicly posting. While I’ll reserve the right to fix spelling and grammar, I’ll trust you’re familiar enough with the English language to submit an article without those issues. Ideally, posts will weigh in at 500-1,000 words and at least a couple pictures.
  • Guest posts should focus on the sort of topics you see on OWG. I’ll be especially interested if you’ve documented a weird place or event I’ve never heard about.
  • Any pictures should be taken by you or used with permission (indicate the photo credit in a link if it’s not your photo). Since this blog would be classified as a commercial project, please ensure the photographer allows commercial usage (Hint: Creative Commons is a wonderful resource – search tens of millions of Attribution-only photos at Please ensure your photos are sized at 800 pixels on the longest side. 
  • Please send on a bio to go with your article. This can mention your blog, website, or current project(s), and should be no longer than a paragraph. Third person, please!
  • English articles only. A story using words in a foreign language is fine, provided it comes with a transliterated version and translated into English.
  • If writing about a destination, feel free to use my typical rating scale (1-5 in 1/2 point increments). I’ll add in the images I use in ‘Destination’ posts. Please review how I rate destinations first. Ratings (out of 5):
    • Ease to arrive:
    • Foreigner-friendly:
    • Convenience facilities:
    • Worth the visit:
  • Guest posts should be written with expats and/or travelers in mind. They comprise the majority of readers, and are usually the most likely to follow your blog or website.
  • Ready to go? Use the contact form to send an e-mail:

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Last updated September 23, 2013.