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One Weird Globe reaches tens of thousands of travelers around the world. The blog is read by tourists, expats, and residents alike, and encourages people to travel with every post. It’s a trusted, authoritative site that’s been around the block – and will be here for years to come. Stats from the last 30 days of Google Analytics:

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  • Your product / service / reviewed or beta-tested 
    • Pre-launch: I can assist with beta-testing and offering feedback on your new product or service. With some clients, I’ve done a Skype session and tested out websites via screen-sharing or the like,
    • Post-launch: I can review your product or service in a blog post and share it with my social media following.
  • Book reviews
  • Social media campaigns
    • Get the word out about your product or service on social media! I’ll promote your product or service on my own channels and on relevant Facebook groups.
  • ‘Supported by’ box
    • Inserted at the 2nd paragraph of a post. Please send on a maximum 50 word description and one link (your choice of anchor text, maximum five words). The background will be a different color from the rest of the post. The sponsored message and link stays with the post for the lifetime of the blog. See live example, or look below:
    • This post is supported by your company name. Even though summer is almost over, there are always exotic places worth visiting, where it is summer all year round. Do not miss the opportunity to book a hotel near an exotic beach and enjoy the waves.
  • Writing for your site
    • I can write posts for your site or blog – your chance to get a first-hand perspective and written to be consistent with your brand’s image or message.
    • Posts are original, expertly written, and include photos of my own or from the Creative Commons / public domain (no copyright issues!)
  • Teach your team how to blog (or how to work with bloggers)
    • I can kickstart your blog by teaching your team the best practices and lessons I’ve learned from blogging since 2008.
    • I can also help your team understand how best to work with bloggers, and there are plenty of ways to make it happen on any budget and timeframe! Part of this process involves brainstorming how to work on your budget, set expectations, and choose which bloggers to work with.
    • Please contact me for more information and a customized proposal.
  • Blogger ambassadorships
    • An excellent way to attract early, targeted users to your site or service
    • Ambassadorships go beyond writing a blog post about your site or service. I’ll join your site, share and offer advice about it on social media, and otherwise offer ideas and promote it over a 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month period.
    • Please contact me for more information and a customized proposal.
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