Think of it as 500 Korean phrases if you like – either way, the idea here is a bit different from most other ‘learn Korean’ books. Take a look at it on iTunes, or keep reading to learn more.

The gist here is to make it easier to communicate the basics, and maybe even learn a few yourself. If you’re interested in really learning the language, consider checking out my other book, Korean Made Easy. That book features thousands of the most commonly used words and phrases, along with enough grammar points to give you a serious start to learning the language. It’s also done up in an irreverent way to keep you laughing while you’re learning.

For now, back to 500 Korean sayings. From the description:

Let’s face it – you have too much to do. You’re coming to Korea and you want to get around the country without sounding like every other tourist ever.

Maybe that cutie at the bar is Korean, but you don’t know what to say. Let the voice of a native Korean take over – tap the button and see what happens…

You need “500 Korean Sayings”. Find what you want to say in English, tap the button, hear it in Korean. Simple as that. Each phrase is shown in English, Korean, and the transliteration so you can say it yourself.



Sections are on:



Basics (numbers, basic phrases like ‘where is the restroom’, and so on)


Nice to meet you






Eat (including pages dedicated to ordering food without saying a word)




Travel (including getting around Seoul, via taxi, and the rest of the country)


Get well (including what to say to get the medicine you might need)










There’s also an appendix on hangeul, the Korean alphabet, to help you understand the thousands of Korean words that are secretly English words you already know.



This e-book is available on iPad only, and may run a little slower on older iPads (not my fault!) as there are plenty of audio files to keep organized. There’s well over 500 of them overall, and will cover almost any situation you may have while in Korea.




A few screenshots – again, you can just tap the button and let the iPad do the talking.




It’s on sale on iTunes right now. For now, it’s only available on your iPad (once other platforms make it easier to embed audio, I’ll make it available there as well). Go take a look now!