Eat your way through Bangkok.

I’m happy to announce the latest Choose a Way book has gone live!

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I haven’t said much about the Choose a Way series here, and that’s a shame. Many an hour has gone into this project, and if you like what’s happening with One Weird Globe, you’re going to love Choose a Way!

When you were younger, did you read those Choose Your Own Adventure® books? These are children’s books that offered the reader choices throughout the book, and each choice brought you to different pages. I loved these as a kid – about a year ago, I began wondering if there was a book like a Choose Your Own Adventure® book, but for real life places. In short, I didn’t – so I set about creating one.

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The first book was about Bangkok, and set the tempo for other books in the series – each place has room for a great picture, the address, GPS coordinates, a succinct destination, directions, and that’s classic question…

What’s next?

After enjoying a place, you’ll typically have three choices for your next destination – a couple of sample pages from my Bangkok book:

Sample page 2Sample page

In two pages, you get everything you need to know: name, address, description, directions, and choices. Simply tap the links and be transported to the next place!

It’s a nice balance between the itinerary that maps out your every move and the guidebook that offers you lots of options. (Yes, I’ve written those as well – different types of books for different types of travelers!) You’ll reach five places in a day, then at the end you can start a new day or use the location index to pick and choose the exact places you want to see.

Today, the series covers Bangkok (written by me), Philadelphia (written by Jim Cheney, an awesome blogger based in Pennsylvania), and now Bangkok food (written by Chris Wotton, an excellent foodie). More guides are coming soon – as I type this, there are books for Chicago, London, and Amsterdam in the pipeline. These books are being written by people that know these cities like the back of their hands – my job is to edit and format them.

But why Bangkok food?

I’m so glad you asked. This book is an experiment, a branching off from the typical Choose a Way that covers destinations. In this book, Chris has traveled all through Bangkok to find the best food (not necessarily the best restaurants) in Bangkok. The results made me hungry several times as I was editing the book – you’ll discover some great street food where you’ll be the only non-Thai around, or some local favorites where everyone goes on their lunch break. In this case, the choices are up to you.

A few places are on the tourist trail, but they’re in the book because they make some great food – and no one can pay to be listed here. I encouraged Chris to list some places that were well-known (that made good food, obviously), and some places that weren’t well-known by tourists.

Even if you’re not a foodie…

I’m definitely not a foodie – my wife and I are more of the ‘eat to live’ type. And yet, there’s something to be said about discovering a city through its food and drink. The book is set up to be easy to make a choice, then easy to put away while you’re enjoying the place, and easy to pick up again. It’s also easy to incorporate your own destinations or schedule into the book – whenever you’re ready for another place, hit up the location index or flip to a random page!

So what are you waiting for?

Choose a Way - Bangkok food cover - PDF 600px

Go grab the Bangkok food guide now. It’s $6.99 on Amazon or as a PDF.

Want a free sample instead?


Check out the one-day sample for Bangkok to see if you like the idea. Seriously, it’s totally free, no strings attached – I don’t even ask for your e-mail address. Like the other books, it’s a PDF so it’ll open on most any device that can read PDF’s.

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