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I just want the basics to the country…

Introduction books are a great tool for learning the basics about a country. Complete with tips on food, culture, and getting around, read one of these while planning or researching a trip to a given country.

Give me a step-by-step guide to rock this town.

An itinerary is perfect if you’re ready for an adventure! Complete with precise directions and curated destinations, itineraries offer a pre-planned route to a number of destinations in a city or region. Three-day itineraries cover a city, while five or seven day itineraries cover a region.

I love planning my own trips – I just need to know what’s worthy.

Guidebooks cover plenty of destinations across the entire country. Destinations are listed alphabetically, and there are plenty of links and cross-references to make navigating it a breeze.

I want to learn some of the local language.

Language books are set up to help you find what you’re looking for quickly. While not intended for serious study, these are perfect for using while traveling the country, while offering insights and humor along the way.

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