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This e-book is aimed at people coming to Korea for more than a few days. Whether you’re coming to teach English, serve in the military, or work as a businessperson, this is for you. If you’re coming as a tourist, this will help the locals see the question you’re trying to ask whether you can speak it or not! You’ll start with hangeul, the Korean alphabet. You’ll learn the letters, how to put them together to make syllables, and how to make sounds with them. We’ll look at some real world examples – signs from around Korea. Later on, we’ll talk about everything from Korean alcohol to getting off the beaten path. The biggest difference between this e-book and others: we’re going to keep this so simple, even a ten-year-old can keep up. That means no fancy language terms like ‘fricative’ or ‘nasal consonant’. Ever.

“I love this book!! I bought a Rosetta Course but wasn’t actually learning anything so I started teaching myself from websites I would find online. When I was looking for books that might be useful, I found great reviews about this one. And now I know how to read and write Korean…”

Maritza Rodriguez

“It builds carefully and methodically. First, get the vowel and consonant pronunciation right. Then understand how to read block characters. It lays down one skill at a time. By the time you are done, you will be speaking Korean well and correctly.”

Darrell G. Kohr

What else does the book cover?

  • Getting the pronunciation right – the locals are picky about this.
  • About formalities and honorifics – a big deal in this historically-Confucian-based society.
  • Getting to know people – everyone from co-workers to your students.
  • The holidays Korea really celebrates – including the ones you WON’T find on most calendars.
  • Eating – with a special section for vegetarians and those with allergies.
  • Korean alcohol – some of the most potent stuff around.
  • Curses – the words and phrases that’ll make the old people blush.
  • Handling your students (if you’re an English teacher).
  • Talking to your boss and co-workers (using the formal tense)
  • Traveling around Korea – how to read the maps, get help, and get around without a guidebook.
  • What to say when you feel like crap.
  • Korean expressions and slang – stuff some locals have never heard from a foreigner’s mouth.

“Chris is down to earth regular guy and his approach is like a person with knowledge talking directly to the reader. He’s sitting right next to you and explaining it in plain english as your best bud would share his passion. And it works! You are reassured right off the bat, you dive in and it’s a smooth ride!”

E. Tokes

$7.99 – buy at these retailers:

amazon barnesNoble


About the Author

Chris Backe is the author of about 20 books and itineraries along with the One Weird Globe blog. He’s lived abroad since 2008 and travels the world with his awesome wife, Laura. When not traveling, writing, or taking pictures, he enjoys sleeping in, eating well, or playing a game on his iPad.