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Coming to Korea?

Want to know where to go in Seoul?

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This guide to Seoul offers a full three-day itinerary – including where to eat, where to see, and where to sleep. There’s plenty more to see in Seoul, though – which is why I’ve also added ideas based on themes. What kind of themes, you ask?

  • If you want to learn about history
  • If you want to party like a rock star
  • If you want to lie on the beach
  • If you want to entertain kids without going insane
  • If you want souvenirs or proof you came to Korea
  • If you want to get your shopping on
  • If you want to enjoy nature
  • If you’re coming for business and have to work around that schedule
  • If you’re interested in people-watching
  • If you just want to relax or be pampered

In this itinerary, I’ll be telling you what’s worth seeing – AND how to get there. Korean tourist information is decent, but doesn’t always give directions. In addition, I’m not beholden to any official organizations – meaning I tell you the real deal on the place.

49 pages of information and photos – no filler here, so it’s time to click! As a way of saying thank you to buyers, my personal e-mail is in the itinerary – and I’m happy to answer any questions you might have on traveling Seoul :)

Current version 2.5:  added some ideas on what to do if the weather isn’t cooperating; added / clarified some directions.

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Seoul – the normal and offbeat

TravelBook by:
Chris Backe

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About the Author

Chris Backe is the author of about 20 books and itineraries along with the One Weird Globe blog. He’s lived abroad since 2008 and travels the world with his awesome wife, Laura. When not traveling, writing, or taking pictures, he enjoys sleeping in, eating well, or playing a game on his iPad.