Choose your own way through Bangkok.

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Choose a Way - Bangkok ()


Choose a Way - Bangkok ()Choose a Way - Bangkok ()

See Bangkok on your own terms! Just like the old-school choose-your-path books, the choices are up to you.

Would you rather go to the palace, a Buddhist temple made of gold, or the museum dedicated to Batman? With a Choose a Way book, you choose every step of the way – visit a place with our awesome directions, then choose from three new places to visit.

This travel guide to Bangkok doesn’t force you into following the same itinerary as everyone else. It covers thirty-five of the most interesting places around Bangkok – enough for up to 5 days of traveling around Bangkok. Sites are mainstream, offbeat, indoors, outdoors, kid-friendly, for adults only, and more! Start in the morning, based on what time you’re ready to go, and start tapping the links.

Each day starts with more than 1,000 possible paths to take.

This guide to Bangkok also has GPS coordinates, links to Google Maps, and precise directions. No more stumbling around foreign streets hoping to find a street sign, or asking locals where a place is. Travel confidently and independently – and best of all, there are no bad endings!

About the Choose a Way™ series:

Choose a Way™ books are your opportunity to explore a city’s curated hotspots on your terms. Each book features dozens of places, carefully chosen by an expert on or long-time resident of the city, and offers hundreds of possible paths to take through each book. You’ll visit up to five mainstream, lesser-known, and offbeat sort of destinations every day – and you’ll choose every step of the way.

About the author

Headshot square smallChris Backe is the blogger behind One Weird Globe, a popular blog about offbeat destinations and life as an expat. His mission in life is to make travel awesome, and to set you up to succeed while traveling. He’s lived in Korea, Thailand, Colombia, and traveled to weird destinations across Europe. He’s also the founder of the Choose a Way series, the interactive travel guidebooks that put you in charge. He’s been seen in Atlas Obscura, io9, Fark, Mental Floss, Groove Magazine, and many other publications. When not traveling or writing, he enjoys swing dancing and a good game of Cards Against Humanity.

Choose a Way - Bangkok ()

Choose a Way - Bangkok ()


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