Cairo is such a colorful city that it seems almost criminal not to share these with the world. I’ve categorized it as a random pictures post since it shows lots of shots that won’t make it into other posts.


Gad is one excellent reason to come to Cairo – their version of fast food is local, authentic, and unsurprisingly pretty fast. Order near the register, then take the receipt to the correct counter (this is the critical order of operations, and not always easy to deduce!)


Seems legit.


Cairo has tons of old-school doors. Not sure if there’s still a key that opens it, though…


Some of the prayer rugs at the Mosque of Mohamed Ali (not the boxer – the other one that’s considered the founder of modern Egypt thanks to his military and economic reforms. Read this recent post for more.)


The revolution and protests of June 2013 have scarred the Tehrir Square area close to the Egyptian Museum, yet it’s the center of an amazing collection of street art.


It went on for a couple of blocks…


…and looked to commemorate some of the lives that were lost.


I think the problem with your car is… everything…


Seen above a veggie shop – I’ve got nothing.

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