Feelux Lighting Museum

(This is an excerpt from the newest book, 51 Daytrip Destinations from Seoul. More about that in a minute.)

Feelux Lighting Museum

Gyeonggi-do, Yangju-si, Gwanjeok-myeon, Seok-u-ri 624-8

필룩스 조명박물관 – 경기도 양주시 광적면 석우리 624-8

(GPS: 37.835724, 126.967509)

Admission: 5,000 won. Open 10am-5pm (last admission at 4pm). More info at lighting-museum.com. Feelux Lighting Museum icons A museum dedicated to lights? Hey, this is Korea – and we’re still getting warmed up here. Start with a history of light, going back to oil lights and candles – the text is in Korean, but you’ll be able to follow the exhibits just fine. After some examples of the light bulb, take in some of the gorgeous European lamps from previous centuries. While the focus is on the fixtures, there are plenty more lights to be seen. A few examples of Korean innovation display make up some of the more unusual designs in the first-floor wing. Head downstairs for an oddball holiday room and a number of futuristic rooms. These rooms use the company’s own colorful lights for light therapy and to replicate the sun’s natural color shift. There’s very little English around, and it seems the people weren’t used to seeing a foreigner meandering and taking pictures through the museum. That said, it’s about as far off the tourist trail as you can get, and offers up plenty of colorful sights.


Take line 1 of Seoul’s subway system to Yangju station. It’s on the far northern part of the line. Take exit 2, cross the street and walk to the bus stop. Jump on bus 32, 32-1, or 35 and ride it for about 20 minutes. You’ll need to listen carefully for the bus stop – depending on the bus, it might be 풀무골 (pul-mu-gol) or 섬말 (seom-mal). Either way, it’ll be the one with the GS-25 on the left side. Once off the bus, cross the street, turn right, and walk about 100 meters. Bear left up a side road, then follow the road as it curves left. The street leads into the Feelux parking lot. Smile at the security guy (if he asks, say you’re going to the museum – 조명박물관가세요! (jo-myeong bak-mul-gwan ga-se-yo!) then bear left up the hill and around the corner. Take the first right, and look right – the first building is the museum.

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