What is art worth?

That’s the question asked here – and a number of artists are participating in an exchange of value that remains to be quantified. Although it ends today (3 Feb 2013), Barterlines aims to make barters between artists and people who appreciate their art. Through their website, one could make a bid on the piece(s) you like, offering your skill or talent to make an exchange with the artist. The twist here is that the artist chooses which bid they want to accept, since it’s difficult to quantify these sort of things.

The building, Eloquence magazine’s future headquarters, is two stories of concrete building (three, if you count the roof) full of dozens of pieces of art – ink, digital, paint, and plenty of other media.

Our DJ for the night.

If you’re in Seoul, head to Barterlines’ exhibition on February 3, 2013. If not (or for every day afterwards), enjoy some of the art on display!


A number of artist statements dot the walls, each anonymous:

For more information, see http://www.barterlines.net.