If we’ve met in person, there’s a fair chance you’ve seen the playful, sometimes silly side of me. I’m the sort that when I see someone taking a picture of someone else, I sneak up behind the picture-taker and give them bunny ears. I then sneak away while they have a laugh, acting as if nothing ever happened.

It’s also possible you’ve seen a side of me that talks tech and geek like I’ve been surrounded by it my entire life. That goes out the window when there’s some fun to be had – MINI GOLF! DINOSAURS! ZOWG!

OK, seriously… DSC_4431

Located between Karon and Kata Beaches in southwestern Phuket, it’s right along the main road. At 240 baht, it’s not the cheapest course around. It is, however, a complete date in one fell swoop – go for the Flintstones-esque ‘Dino Burgers’ or for a drink before or after your round of golf.


As you’ve already noticed, we played at night – while there was enough light to navigate, it was too dark for the camera. One of the early holes? Yep. Dino poop. Cute.


The volcano is a highlight – beyond being something you enter and play through, it shot flames at least once during our trip. The rest of the time, it spewed water and colored lights.


OK, so it’s a facade, but it’s a well-built one. For the mini-golf aficionados, the greens are very fast, sometimes slowed by water, and often sloped. Most slopes are subtle, but helpful – only one seemed to slant away from the hole.


One of my favorites – better yet for the kids, their classic Latin names are all mentioned at the bottom.


For those who don’t play strict rules, what’s ‘out of bounds’ is pretty easy to get into (except for the fast-moving water – just take the one-stroke penalty!). This ‘nest of eggs’ at the bottom tripped me up – in retrospect, I should’ve just tried again from the top…


It’s not always dinosaurs, but the collection of tusks was pretty photogenic as well…


On most holes, the actual hole was hidden from the tee-off point – meander around until you find it, and look around for pipes that serve as shortcuts. They’re not lit up as well as they could be.

Bring some water with you – this area is much more humid than the surrounding restaurants and bars thanks to the volcano and swift streams around. When you’re finished, take in the similarly-themed restaurant and bar, or head elsewhere – you’re in the middle of Phuket now.

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Name: Dino Park Mini Golf (Karon Beach)
Address: 47 Karon Rd., Karon Beach, Phuket, 83100, Thailand (GPS: 7.828514, 98.295589)
Directions: After crossing the bridge onto Phuket island, head to Karon Beach in southwest Phuket. You’ll be on route 4233, and this main road can get crazy at night – stay safe if driving. If taking a taxi or songthaew, Karon Beach is the best landmark if they don’t know where this place is – from the Thavorn Palm Beach Resort at Karon Beach, it’s a 10-15 minute, 800 meter walk.
Hours: 10am-midnight
Admission: 240 baht for a round of golf
Phone: 076-330-625
Website: http://www.dinopark.com


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