Fun stuff coming up

There’s (probably) no way even a huge travel fan like me can get to everything coming up in the next month or so – but all of these certainly look interesting:

  • August 26-30: Chuncheon World Leisure Congress and Leisure Games. It’s not the Olympics, but Dancesport, Sport Climbing, and Inlne Skating are all part of the events. Free admission to all the games, and even has a Facebook page to boot.
  • September 9-15: The third Delphic Games in Jeju. Think of these as the Olympics for arts and spirit. There will be events in Music and acoustic arts, performing arts, lingual arts, handicraft, design and visual arts, communication and social arts, and architecture and ecological arts.
  • A sexy comedy called ‘Want Night’ in the Hongdae area of Seoul. Promising 70 minutes of ‘raunchy comedy’ for the 19-and-up crowd, although I’m not sure if it’ll be in English or Korean. Runs at 10:20pm on the weekdays and 9:30pm on Saturday; 25,000 won to get in; Go to Shinyon Art Hall located near Hyehwa station (line 4, exit 1). Turn right, then walk a little.
  • This year’s Seoul Fringe Festival starts today, running through August 29th. Lots of independent art and culture not tainted by the mainstream. Last year I had the chance to go once (only briefly – never blogged about it), and I’ll definitely be back this year.
  • August 22nd: Seoul’s Open Night – a late night of culture. One of the few times you’ll see buses and subways running past midnight. A 10,000 won ticket gives you access to several performances, but they’re spread out across five different areas (Seoul Plaza, Jeong-dong, Bukchon, Daehangno, Insa-dong, and Hongdae). Walk around for free instead.

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