Oh, Florida – you haven’t ceased to amaze me yet.

As usual, Random Pictures posts feature shots that haven’t (or won’t) make it into other posts, but are too good to keep to myself.

Let’s start with a classic, one you’ll see as you’re driving along the I-4 highway: the Airstream Ranch. An octet of chrome trailers sticks out from the ground as a tribute to the open road… which makes perfect sense to me… There’s an exit immediately after the ranch if you want to get a different look, but be aware the best look is from the expressway.

For those unaware, the original Hooters was founded here in Florida – specifically, along Gulf to Bay Boulevard in Clearwater. Another Hooters not too far away claims to hold the World’s Largest Chicken Wing (which hangs from a rooftop patio inside the restaurant).

Looks like I’m going for a ride…!

In other news, wild animals still wild.

In other other news, Florida isn’t completely rid of panthers yet. We haven’t seen any, though I would presume panthers are intelligent enough to stay away from such an exposed, noisy area…

And then you see something like this and think ‘seriously?!’. Onward we proceeded…

And sure enough, there were peacocks…?! Erm, OK. Seen in Fort Pierce.

What, are we just done with phrasing here? Gotta love a tow truck with a sense of humor. Seen in the Keys on the Overseas Highway.

And here all this time I thought stencils were supposed to prevent typos…

If you follow @oneweirdglobe on Instagram, you might have seen this picture already – go ahead, try to explain why a flea market would have to put up a sign saying ‘no snakes’…

Inside the same flea market (specifically, the International Market World in Auburndale). Keep your eyes out for any number of other fun pictures while there.

Seen in Celebration, FL, though I’ve been told Mr. Todd’s barber business is doing well…

Yep, she has an entire (though short) lane named after the popular TV show.

I… got nothing. Floridians have made a number of weird things or combinations of things, I’m just here to enjoy them. Seen at a hotel parking lot in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

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