The good ‘ol Nazca lines are best seen by air – but rough, expensive flights aren’t for everyone.

Sure, they’re a UNESCO World Heritage site, and they’re one of the few things to see while in this part of southern Peru.


You don’t have to fly over the Nazca lines to see them for yourself, however – the centuries-old glyphs can be seen from both constructed staircases and some of the foothills.


Walk along one of the main tourist-friendly roads in Ica and you’ll discover the public benches / shades features Nazca lines – the hummingbird is featured here.


As you might guess, the drawings feature heavily in the local souvenirs – spiders, monkeys, and the hummingbird again, anyone?


Perhaps you want more than one of the lines on your souvenir? Here you go.


The most common one here is called the astronaut.


If you’re a shot-glass collector, never fear.


The question isn’t ‘which figure do you want?’, it’s ‘which color?’ as well.


They’re everywhere!


The larger murals run along another road a few blocks from the touristy center. You’re likely to see them as you come into town.


The central park area – the Plaza de Armas in Ica has a few figures carved into the grass….


…and along the walkway!


A picture of a picture – it’s difficult to see the lines on unedited pictures, though.


You might stop one of the watchtowers on the way to or from Ica – some of the local buses will stop there, and it’s a part of the Peru Hop tours as well. These stones (and keychains and other sorts) feature plenty of the lines.


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