Random pictures, part 3

Welcome once again to the random pictures, where the pictures didn’t fit into another post, but were too odd or interesting to keep to myself.

It’s not copyright infringement if it’s not a direct anagram, right?

Just in case all you expats in Korea thought you were the only ones to deal with couple shirts… Here you go. You’re welcome. I’ve only seen a couple of examples on actual Thais, though…

Go ahead, break out the ‘I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts’ line.

Tree for sale? Why, sure, let’s just uproot this whole thing and move it somewhere else…


The chalk may say no Leo (a cheap local beer), but the bottle caps tell the true tale:

Maybe they don’t serve it anymore…?

That’s my kind of major department store planning there.

iTae, indeed. Pushing the ‘buttons’ might feel good on your bunions, though.

Nothing quite screams ‘MANLY’ like a pink car with a spoiler and a Hello Kitty paint job.

I love how tour buses have more colors than a psychedelic’s best trip ever.

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