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Review: Visit Korea app – version 2.0

This app has come a long way in a single version. The first version, while not bad, required an Internet connection; this one has the same requirement, but fits the smartphone platform with redesigned mobile-friendly pages. Start with the main page, which is...

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11 Apps To Use In Your ESL Classroom

If you're carrying a iPhone or iPod Touch in your pocket, there are probably more than a few apps on it already. There's more than a few apps out that can make your life in the classroom a little easier: Stopwatch (free, iTunes): a simple, straightforward app that's...

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Review: Seoul Metro Project

EDITED by Flash Parker in collaboration with the Seoul Photo Club, the moniker ’Seoul Metro Project’ is slightly vague, yet perfectly appropriate. 100 years from now (assuming future computers can read PDFs or that the human race survives that long), the book will...

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App review: Visit Korea (Android, iDevice)

After positively reviewing the recently released MediTour app, I had high hopes and expectations for this free app from the Korean Tourism Organization. Available for both Android phones and iDevices, the app looks and works nice – but suffers from a flaw that may be...

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