In case you haven’t heard, Chris isn’t in South Korea any more. Yes, the blog is staying up, and yes, I’ll be blogging about the adventures through Thailand. Go to and be patient – there’s a lot of stuff coming soon :) I’ve every reason to stay in contact with wonderful friends and folks in Korea – the internet may be a bit slower here, but some very cool stuff is coming soon.

Suffice it to say that Thailand is more different than I expected it to be. Reading the cultural notes in Culture Shock! Thailand may help you understand the mindsets some locals have – and it led me to believe there was plenty in common. There may still be, but we’ve been too busy to find out firsthand.

Some pad thai, anyone?

Over the first week in the country, however, we successfully bought phone (unlocked iPhones), activated them without anyone asking to see ID, looked at a number of apartments, got around town using Bangkok’s sky train / BTS and subway, eventually found a place we liked, moved in, settled down, got the photo studio (mostly) set up, redesigned business cards, and plenty more. Again, plenty more to come over at Chris in Thailand.

Officially, the tap water isn’t safe to drink – the Thais don’t drink it either. Instead, you can stop by any convenience store, or look for a machine like this. For 1 baht (about 3 cents right now), you get a liter of filtered-by-reverse-osmosis water, which spurts out the top faster than you’re probably ready for.


Porn and Poo are two common Thai nicknames, although porn can also have a number of other meanings….

Enjoy the weekend, folks!