Greetings awesome readers.

Chris in South Korea here – as you might have noticed, there’s a new look around the site. I’ve joined forces with Travel Wire Asia, a website pooling bloggers from all around Asia. The focus is on travel, life, and adventure throughout Asia

Just like I’ve been doing since March of 2008, I’ll still be focusing on travel and life in South Korea. If you have saved in your bookmarks, note that it’ll redirect you to my main page on Travel Wire Asia ( from now on. The RSS feed is right here, if you’re used to reading Chris in South Korea in your favorite RSS reader. The social networking buttons are all around, but the ones at the top of my main page lead back to my own Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

If you’re planning your trip to South Korea, you’ll be happy to know I aim to give good, clear directions to the destinations I cover. It’s frustrating when you’re unable to get where you’re trying to go – and believe me, I’ve used enough of the official guides to know.

If you’re living in South Korea, the ‘life in Korea’ and ‘coming to Korea’ posts are aimed at you. While people generally figure things out on their own, there are plenty of elements that still feel foreign after living several years in Korea.

I also answer questions related to Korea – do a search for “question from a reader” to find those posts. If you have a question to ask about Korea, send it to chrisinsouthkorea AT gmail DOT com.

In case you were wondering, I still maintain an independent editorial mindset. I still choose the places and topics that get written about, and all that jazz. I’m excited about the partnership, and also excited that someone else is handling the back-end stuff! That ate up so much time sometimes…

Things are still settling in, and there are about 40 posts in draft mode. Until they’re ready for the world, check out some other bloggers on the Travel Wire Asia site.

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