3D cover Amsterdam

The newest book in the Choose a Way series is live! Written by Amy Hardy and edited / designed by yours truly, it’s a great collection of 40 places to see and enjoy in the Netherlands’ most interesting city.

It’s free on chooseaway.com right now and $0.99 on Amazon until August 30th.

Floating Flower Market

The floating flower market – one of the many ways to enjoy the water in Amsterdam. Photo credit: Amy Hardy, thehardytraveller.com.

What’s a Choose a Way book?

Choose a Way books are interactive travel guides that put you in charge. Instead of blindly following an itinerary or trying to plan things out with a guidebook, Choose a Way books offer you three choices at every turn. They’re very similar to the Choose Your Own Adventure® books, but about real-life places – best of all, there are no bad endings!

Each day starts based on the time you’re ready to leave your hotel / hostel / Couchsurfing place. From there, choose whichever place sounds the most interesting – the book will lead you through up to 5 places every day. There’s always a family-friendly option as well, though you’ll have plenty of chances to explore Amsterdam’s wilder side!

I don’t want to spoil it, so read more below and get it while it’s free!

Pick it up for free on chooseaway.com right now and $0.99 on Amazon until August 30th.

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