Presenting the third part of “You know Korea is your home when…”

You know Korea is your home when…

  • If you love the watery eyes of flushed look when Koreans drink.
  • Hearing any language other than Korean or English almost shocks you.
  • You’ve ever thought about marrying a Korean just to get the F-2 visa.
  • If you can name three Korean newspapers in English – without the word ‘Korea’ in it.
  • If you happily eat soup from a shared bowl.
  • If you’ve figured out how to eat cake with chopsticks.
  • See someone welding or cutting metal on the sidewalk barely merits a second glance.
  • You think fecal smell while walking on the sidewalk is normal.
  • Your English has actually gotten worse while in Korea.
  • You stop picking off corn or sweet potato on a pizza.
  • You’re no longer surprised that Koreans can dance the Swing, Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, or Argentine Tango.
  • You become immune to the ajumma stare.
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