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11 UNREAL Packing Cubes [March 2019 • Insider Guide!]

Packing cubes are a true godsend, helping compress and organize baggage whether you travel with a wheely suitcase, duffle, or backpack and whether you’re a minimalist packer or someone who takes a whole load of kit just in case. Though simple in concept, a huge array...

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15 INCREDIBLE Tandem Kayaks [March 2019 • Bargain Guide!]

There’s nothing quite like being on the water under your own steam, the gentle trickle of water from the paddles being the only sound to break the natural reverie. The only way to make that experience better is perhaps to share it with someone else. To do that, you’re...

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15 Unbelievable Hostels in Havana [EPIC Bargains for 2019]

Visiting Havana, the capital of Cuba, is like stepping back in time. The city has over 500 years of history and boasts interesting colonial architecture and monuments, as well as night clubs and art galleries. Whatever you want from a holiday, you’ll find it here....

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