About Chris

Chris-Backe-March-2011-600x402 Chris Backe (hint: rhymes with ‘hockey’) is the main blogger here at One Weird Globe. He’s also the author about 20 books and itineraries, which can be found by looking at the menu. He’s originally from the US (the Chicago, Illinois area) and last lived in Lexington, Kentucky before coming to Asia. Chris moved to Seoul, South Korea in March 2008 to teach English. When not teaching, he made it a point to travel to a new place, event, or festival each week.

In 2010, he shifted focus to the more offbeat destinations around the country. In 2013, he published the book “Offbeat Korea“, which contains over 100 of Korea’s most unusual places. While in Korea, Chris met and married to a wonderful Canadian named Laura. She is a professional translator, helps to plan some of their trips, and Chris’ better half. She keeps a fairly low online profile, so she doesn’t get talked about very often. She is, however, a part of virtually every trip Chris takes and is incredibly well-traveled in her own right.

Since leaving South Korea, Chris has traveled through Thailand, northern Africa, Western Europe, South America, North America, and Eastern Europe.

About One Weird Globe

OWG logo big globe One Weird Globe started with a blog about all things South Korea. From 2008 to 2013, Chris blogged about travel, life, news, satire, and food in the Hermit Kingdom. A few years in he focused tighter on travel and life, which remained his focus when he moved to Thailand in March 2013. After traveling to Malaysia and Laos, he realized it was time to combine all the travel blogs into a single website.

Today, One Weird Globe focuses on exploring oddball travel destinations and the long-term expat / nomad lifestyle.

What’s here for you?

Time for some nitty-griity stuff here. I’m here to share the places to go, the things to see, and how to get there. Sure, there’s plenty of pictures for the armchair traveler, but I write to the active traveler, the traveler planning their trip, and so on.

One Weird Globe is for you if:

  • You’re looking for offbeat, unique, or bizarre destinations
  • You want good directions to places
  • You’d like advice on life as an expat or nomad.


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