About Chris

Chris Juarez is the founder and Editor in Chief here at One Weird Globe.

Originally from the LA, Chris moved to Seoul, South Korea in 2008 to teach English and leave the American 9-5 grind. That experience changed his life as he fell in love with Korean culture, and developed an insatiable taste for adventure and new experiences.

In his time in Korea, Chris traveled through most of Asia, and set on the path of making money online. When not teaching or traveling, he made made it his mission to grow One Weird Globe into one of the best travel resources on the planet.

Passionate about travel, organic and healthy food, salsa dancing, and Star Wars – Chris is on a mission to travel to every country in the world before he turns 40. Some of his favorite countries include Chile, Saudi Arabia, Germany and Vietnam.

Chris hopes to one day retire in the Andes mountains of Chile and start an organic farm where he can take in travelers, host them, and teach them about green travel and sustainable eating.

About One Weird Globe

OWG logo big globe One Weird Globe started with a blog about all things South Korea but quickly developed into a worldwide travel blog.

Today, One Weird Globe focuses on helping travelers research new and exciting areas. Whether it’s the best hotels in Lima or the coolest things to do in Mongolia – One Weird Globe is the best resource on the internet!

What’s here for you?

Time for some nitty-griity stuff here. I’m here to share the places to go, the things to see, and how to get there. Sure, there’s plenty of pictures for the armchair traveler, but I write to the active traveler, the traveler planning their trip, and so on.

One Weird Globe is for you if…

  • You love to travel!
  • You want travel advice that is easy to understand and down to earth
  • You like to get off the beaten path

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One Weird Globe reaches tens of thousands of travelers around the world. The blog is read by tourists, expats, and residents alike, and encourages people to travel with every post. It’s a trusted, authoritative site that’s been around the block — and will be here for years to come.

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