Best Hostels in BucharestBucharest is Romania’s buzzing capital city. Packed full of historical sights and grand buildings, Bucharest is famous for its Old Town – which is where you’ll find the city’s infamous nightlife, too.

With that in mind, where do you stay in this culture-filled capital? Is it ok to stay in the Old Town? Are all the hostels here party hostels for stag and hen parties?

We’ve looked into it and found a whole host of places to stay in Bucharest. And to make life easy for you we’ve split them up into categories so you can find the place that’s right for you.

You may be looking for a true bargain, or you might be traveling in a couple and want to splash out – either way, we’ve got it sorted. So let’s dive into the world of Bucharest’s budget hostels!

The Best Hostels in Bucharest: Round-up

Best Overall Hostel in Bucharest – First Hostel Bucharest
Best Party Hostel in Bucharest – Podstel Bucharest
Best Hostel for Solo Travellers in Bucharest – The Cozyness
Best Hostel in Bucharest Old Town – Antique Hostel Bucharest
Best Hostel near Piata Romana – Podstel Umbrella
Best Hostel near Unirii Square, Bucharest –
 X Hostel Bucharest
Best Hostel near Gara de Nord Train Station – Friends Hostel

Best High-end Hostel in Bucharest – Omega House
Best Cheap Hostel in Bucharest –  Sleep Inn Hostel
Best Hostel with a Private Room in Bucharest – Central Guesthouse

15 Best Hostels in Bucharest

Best Overall Hostel in Bucharest

 First Hostel Bucharest 

First Hostel Bucharest

First Hostel Bucharest is highly reviewed for their spacious dorms – and we agree!

Why we like First Hostel Bucharest…
Bright and funky, this is the sort of place that creates a nice homely atmosphere for its guests – and we love that about this top hostel in Bucharest.

Cool features like wood floors, exposed brick, and nice artwork make this one of the coolest hostels in Bucharest. As a plus, the dorms here are also very spacious.

First Hostel Bucharest is perfect for…
If you want to stay in an all-round great place, then you’d better book yourself in at the best overall hostel in Bucharest. The location here is as great as the decor, with the metro being very close, plus the staff keep this place clean and well organized.

For budget-minded travelers, there’s a free breakfast as well as free bicycle hire on offer.

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Best Party Hostel in Bucharest

 Podstel Bucharest 

Podstel Bucharest

Podstel Bucharest is the best hostel in Bucharest to get your party on!

Why we like Podstel Bucharest…
A social, fun and lively place to stay, you can see why this is the best party hostel in Bucharest. There’s music playing throughout the day, impromptu music sessions in the common room, and a generally warm and welcoming atmosphere for travellers.

Family dinners and daily events keep things fun at this Bucharest backpackers hostel.

Podstel Bucharest is perfect for…
If you’re interested in having fun in Bucharest, here’s the place to do it. This top hostel in Bucharest even comes equipped with its own stage (and PA system) in the garden; here’s where they put on live music events.

Other activities for culturally minded travellers at the Podstel include writing, discussions, yoga and movie nights. And lots of beer, too.

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Best Hostel for Solo Travellers in Bucharest

 The Cozyness 

The Cozyness

Solo travelers will love the vibes at The Cozyness

Why we like The Cozyness…
Just like its name suggests, this youth hostel in Bucharest creates a cosy place for backpackers to lay their heads. We like that on arrival the bed is already made up, plus there’s free tea and coffee on offer.

The staff are friendly and helpful, too. But we also love that there are two cats to make friends with here. More like a home than a hostel.

The Cozyness is perfect for…
Feel like you need somewhere relaxed and friendly to stay? Then this is the place for you.

Since it’s such a good place to meet other people, and feel welcomed and part of the community here, we’d say it’s easily the best hostel for solo travellers in Bucharest.

Staff also make impromptu dinners for everyone.

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Best Hostel in Bucharest Old Town

 Antique Hostel Bucharest 

Antique Hostel Bucharest

Antique Hostel Bucharest is a great place to sightsee from and the best hostel in Bucharest Old Town

Why we like Antique Hostel Bucharest…
First of all, we really love that this Bucharest backpackers hostel is set in a heritage house dating back to 1895. We love that a lot.

The Antique Hostel is set on the banks of the river, too. Staying here means being well located – it’s near the Palace of Justice, the Natural History Museum and other interesting sights.

Antique Hostel Bucharest is perfect for…
If staying somewhere with a little bit of historical charm sounds like you, then this is the place to stay.

The renovated interiors feature wood beamed ceilings, huge arched windows, wrought iron balconies and a marble staircase.

The Antique is the best hostel in Bucharest Old Town, so if you want to do some sightseeing this place is a great base for it.

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Best Hostel near Piata Romana

 Podstel Umbrella 

Podstel Umbrella

Podstel Umbrella is run by a group of friends and is the best hostel near Piata Romana

Why we like Podstel Umbrella…
You don’t get much better than a hostel that’s run by a group of friends with a good idea of what travellers need when it comes to a hostel.

The Podstel Umbrella Bucharest backpackers hostel is well equipped to cater for people travelling around Europe, which we think is a pretty cool idea.

Podstel Umberella is perfect for…
Being the best hostel near Piata Romana, staying here is perfect for anybody who wants to be within walking distance of bars and hip hangouts.

Flashpackers take note: the building that this hostel is set in is amazing, too: it was once occupied by Romanian royalty and is suitably impressive.

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Best Hostel near Unirii Square

• X Hostel Bucharest 

X Hostel Bucharest

X Hostel Bucharest is the best hostel near Unirii Square

Why we like X Hostel Bucharest…
As much as we like the clean and unfussy interiors of this recommended hostel in Bucharest, we also love the location of this one – just a few minutes from the amazing public transport links of Unirii Square.

We also very much appreciate the cool building which dates back to 1917.

X Hostel Bucharest is perfect for…
If you’re all about location, location, location and don’t mind a basic hostel that might not have everything you’d expect of a typical Bucharest backpackers hostel – a kitchen, for instance – then this place is for you.

Backpackers on a budget will also love the affordable price at X Hostel. Coupled with the central setting, it’s a steal.

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Best Hostel near Gara de Nord Train Station

 Friends Hostel •

Friends Hostel

Friends Hostel is a conveniently placed hostel near Gara de Nord Train Station

Why we like Friends Hostel…
When it comes to convenience, we think this one is the best one for getting in and out of Bucharest – by train, that is. It’s just a 10-minute walk from this Bucharest backpackers hostel to Gara de Nord train station.

The Friends Hostel is budget and it may not be central, but we like that nearby bars offer cheap beer and food.

Friends Hostel is perfect for…
If you’re arriving or leaving Bucharest by train and you’re looking for the best hostel near Gara de Nord train station, don’t worry: this is it. Budget travellers should take note, too, since this place comes equipped with a kitchen to cook your own meals.

Cheap food and drink is on the doorstep, the room rates are affordable, and the staff are lovely.

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Best High-end Hostel in Bucharest

 Omega House •

Omega House

The cool cafe design and space make Omega House the best high-end hostel in Bucharest

Why we like Omega House…
Like staying above a cool coffee shop, Omega Hostel boasts a mix of cool cafe design and clean contemporary spaces.

The design of this cool Bucharest hostel is minimal, it’s filled with houseplants, and it’s comfortable, meaning it’s a great place to come to after a busy day exploring the city.

Omega House is perfect for
Digital nomads. Yes, that’s right. If you’re looking to get some work done in the Romanian capital, then you might want to stay at the best high-end hostel in Bucharest.

There’s a co-working space here, which is pretty much perfect for your work needs (complete with good coffee). The owners want to cultivate creative community, so why not get involved?

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Best Cheap Hostel in Bucharest

 Sleep Inn Hostel 

Sleep Inn Hostel

Sleep Inn Hostel cheap and VERY cheerful! In fact, it’s the best cheap hostel in Bucharest

Why we like Sleep Inn Hostel…
We like how calm, cute, clean and cheerful this place is. It’s not all about being super stylish or having the best social atmosphere, and what it lacks in these two aspects it certainly makes up for it with its affordability.

The Sleep Inn is easily the best cheap hostel in Bucharest.

Sleep Inn Hostel is perfect for…
Are you backpacking around Europe on a shoestring? Then this budget hostel in Bucharest is for you.

There’s a kitchen so you can cook your own meals, plenty of bathrooms (no queues), and the location is great: it’s right next to the Old Town, so you get to explore the historical side to this city quite easily.

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Best Hostel with a Private Room in Bucharest

 Central Guesthouse 

Central Guesthouse

Central Guesthouse is the best hostel with a private room (and an oasis!) in Bucharest

Why we like Central Guesthouse…
We adore the neutral decor and pastel colour schemes of this hostel. Coupled with the general minimalist feel, the quiet atmosphere, the charming garden, this place is like an oasis in the city.

It’s no wonder that the Central Guesthouse the best hostel with a private room in Bucharest – those on offer here are hotel quality.

Central Guesthouse is perfect for…
Travelling in a couple? Or are you a flashpacker looking for some privacy? Then you’ll love this cool hostel in Bucharest.

The linen is crisp, the towels are fluffy and there’s cable TV in the rooms so you can simply kick back on your bed and chill out for a while. If this sounds like you, then this recently refurbished heritage gem is just the ticket.

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More Best Hostels in Bucharest

• The Midland Hostel 

The Midland Hostel

The Midland Hostel

Why we like The Midland Hostel…
It’s always nice when a hostel is created by travellers themselves, and it’s no different at Midlands Hostel.

The Midland is a self-confessed “not a design hostel” but they’ve got fun, quirky features like big blackboards and all set inside a building with period features. We think it’s one of the coolest hostels in Bucharest because of this – and its buzzing atmosphere.

The Midland Hostel is perfect for…
This is the perfect place for you if you’re looking not only for a cheap bed but for somewhere with a whole lot of heart, too. This recommended hostel in Bucharest has both.

The location is perfect for those who want to explore Bucharest as well, with easy public transport links and sights within walking distance.

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 Pure Vida Sky Bar & Hostel 

Pure Vida Sky Bar and Hostel

Pure Vida Sky Bar & Hostel

Why we like Pure Vida Sky Bar & Hostel…
One of the best things about this Bucharest backpackers hostel is the rooftop bar (hence the name). This is where this place hosts parties – an ideal location for it, we think, especially in the summer months when the weather’s good and the nights are long.

The views from Pura Vida of old city are cool, too.

Pure Vida Sky Bar & Hostel is perfect for…
Solo travellers! If you’re travelling by yourself and you want to get to know your fellow guests over a few drinks this is the place for you.

It may not be the most attentive place when it comes to cleanliness, but it’s fine if you’re unfussy. It also works as a great base: simply drop your bags and head out!

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 Bucur’s Shelter 

Bucurs Shelter

Bucur’s Shelter

Why we like Bucur’s Shelter…
Named after the legendary shepherd who founded Bucharest, Bucur’s Shelter is suitably set in a historical building with modern furnishings and facilities, with colourful decor spread about the place.

We like that this top hostel in Bucharest is a cosy place to get chatting to other travellers and make new friends. It’s cute.

Bucur’s Shelter is perfect for…
If you’re looking for a cosy environment to unwind and socialise in after a busy day exploring Bucharest’s Old Town, this place certainly fits the bill.

The staff here are friendly, helping to create a welcoming environment, and will give you advice on where to go, what to do and where to eat (and drink) around the city. Good for solo travellers.

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• Bucharest Bar & Hostel 

Bucharest Bar and Hostel

Bucharest Bar & Hostel

Why we like Bucharest Bar & Hostel…
We love the location of this Bucharest backpackers hostel. This place is utterly surrounded by the energy of the Old Town, which comes complete with all the exciting nightlife you could wish for.

It’s easy to grab a drink at the bar here, make a few new friends and head out into the night.

Bucharest Bar & Hostel is perfect for…
Like being close to all the action? Bucharest Bar & Hostel is the place for you. There’s plenty of places nearby to eat and drink, which makes staying here the perfect option if you’re somebody who likes to explore the nightlife of a city.

It’s a bit of a party hostel, and rough around the edges, but if you’re looking for fun you won’t mind that.

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 Wonderland Hostel 

Wonderland Hostel

Wonderland Hostel

Why we like Wonderland Hostel…
Another fun Bucharest party hostel that’s located in the city’s Old Town, this place also owns a nearby bar and club where you can have a few drinks, watch live music, have fun and meet local people.

The Wonderland is relatively quiet and the room rates are cheap, which we can’t fault.

Wonderland Hostel is perfect for…
If you’re interested in saving money and you’re unfussy about where you stay, then go for this budget hostel in Bucharest.

There’s not a lot of atmosphere, there’s no kitchen, and it’s not the cleanest – but it is cheap, and you can use the money you save on having fun eating and drinking your way around the Old Town!

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Closing thoughts on the best bargain hostels in Bucharest

There you have it: the best hostels in Bucharest. We’re glad we can help you find the place that’s right for you in this fun and fascinating European city.

You’ll have a blast exploring this place. From marvelling at its grand old buildings, seeing where Vlad the Impaler used to live, seeing what the Old Town’s like in the day (and how lively it gets at night), you’ll want a good base to explore from.

You can actually stay in the Old Town itself, which is good if you’re all about partying, you can also choose to stay in a more strategic location – the cool areas around Piata Romana, for example, still feature good public transport.

Don’t worry if you can’t decide where to stay. Just remember First Hostel Bucharest, the best overall hostel in Bucharest. Have fun, enjoy the culture and history… and don’t drink too much!

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