Best Hostels in CangguCanguu is one of the top places for surfers in Bali. A place where cool kids go to spend their days surfing and nights out drinking in the local bars. It’s the perfect stop off for people who want to soak up the sun surrounded by the beautiful nature of Bali. This is the perfect Bali travel guide!

But as the small village of Canguu has grown in popularity, are there enough good hostels to stay in?

We’ve found a lot of really nice hostels in Canggu, and loads of them are within walking distance to the best surf spots in Bali – and many of them even have outdoor pools as well!

So, if you need to stay somewhere cheap, or if you want a nice high-end place to stay with your partner, or simply want stay where the party is, we’ve got you covered with a selection of the best hostels in Canguu.

Get ready to hit the surf, because Canguu is waiting.

The Best Hostels in Canggu: Round-up

Best Overall Hostel in Canggu – The Farm Hostel
Best Party Hostel in Canggu – Lay Day Surf Hostel
Best Hostel for Solo Travellers in Canggu – The Typsy Gyspy Hostel
Best Hostel near Batubolong Beach – Yana Guesthouse Canggu 

Best Hostel on Eat Street – Beach Bums Berawa
Best Hostel near Berawa Surfing Beach – Surfers Dorm House
Best Hostel near Echo Beach Canggu – Bima Sakti Hostel Canguu
Best High End Hostel in Canggu – Gypsy Moon Bali
Best Cheap Hostel in Canggu – Bali Beats Guesthouse
Best Hostel with a Private Room in Canggu – Waterborn Bali

17 Best Hostels in Canggu

Best Overall Hostel in Canggu

 The Farm Hostel 

The Farm Hostel

The Farm Hostel is the best overall hostel in Canggu – the stylish pool and comfy rooms are just two of the reasons why!

Why we like The Farm Hostel…
This is the kind of cool hostel in Canggu that has thought of everything. We can’t help but like their amazing pool area that’s stylishly surrounded by an array of tropical plants and chic sunloungers.

The hostel’s balconies have views out over rice paddies and the whole atmosphere is chilled and welcoming,

The Farm Hostel is perfect for…
The perfect place to stay if you’re looking to stay in a slice of luxury, this is by far the best overall hostel in Canggu. Not only is it completely Instagramable, more importantly, the beds here are incredibly comfy for a great nights sleep.

Days here are all about relaxing around the pool, doing a spot of yoga and then heading out in the evening to party.

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Best Party Hostel in Canggu

• Lay Day Surf Hostel 

Lay Day Surf Hostel

Remember your party pants if you’re heading to Lay Day Surf Hostel – it’s the best party hostel in Canggu!

Why we like Lay Day Surf Hostel…
We like that this place is run by a group of international travellers who started up a hostel in paradise to live the good life of surfing and partying in the sunshine.

A top hostel in Canguu, staying here means the party never stops – the hostel bar is open all day and there’s always a load of other guests up for a drink or two.

Lay Day Surf Hostel is perfect for…
This is the perfect hostel for people who want to party! As the best party in Canggu expect no more than late nights in the hostel bar or out on a bar crawl and lazy days spent sitting around one of the four pools trying to remember what happened the night before.

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Best Hostel for Solo Travellers in Canggu

The Typsy Gyspy Hostel 

The Typsy Gyspy Hostel

It’s clean, friendly and has fun activities – so The Typsy Gyspy Hostel is the best hostel for solo travellers in Canggu!

Why we like The Typsy Gypsy Hostel…
Travelling by yourself isn’t always easy, which is why we like that this hostel has a super friendly atmosphere, making it easy to meet new friends.

A highly recommended hostel in Canguu, this hostel is run by a team that goes above and beyond to make it an amazing place to stay.

The Typsy Gypsy Hostel is perfect for…
So many things make this a perfect hostel for meeting people; not only is there a vibrant pool area, but there’s also a load of fun activities arranged for guests, and in the evening everyone heads out to the bars for drinks.

The whole place is spotlessly clean and security is good too, which is why we think its the best hostel in Canggu for solo travellers.

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Best Hostel near Batubolong Beach Canggu

Yana Guesthouse Canggu  

Yana Guesthouse Canggu

Yana Guesthouse Canggu is the best hostel near Batubolong Beach Canggu

Why we like Yana Guesthouse Canggu…
How could we not love a hostel that is just steps away from the beach? There’s a whole load of Canguu backpackers hostels, but this one is the best hostel close to Batubolong Beach: it’s clean, it’s cool and there’s a super nice garden to relax in after a busy day at the beach.

Yana Guesthouse Canggu is perfect for…
Great if you want to be close to the sand but still be in walking distance to the bars and restaurants in town.

This cool hostel in Canguu also arranges surfing lessons for beginners too, which is a bonus if you want to hit the surf but aren’t too confident on a board.

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Best Hostel near Eat Street Canggu

Beach Bums Berawa 

Beach Bums Berawa

Beach Bums Berawa is the best hostel near Eat Street Canggu – it’s close to everything!

Why we like Beach Bums Berawa…
We like this place because it is located right on Eat Street. Staying here means being super close to some tasty food, which definitely makes this is one of the top hostels in Canguu for us!

The hostel is pretty nice too – there’s a fun sociable atmosphere and the friendly staff keep the whole place ultra clean.

Beach Bums Berawa is perfect for…
Perfect for travellers who want to be in walking distance to nearly anywhere.

Not only is this the best hostel on Eat Street in Canguu, but it’s also a short walk to a handful of beaches and nightlife spots from here too, which makes it a good all-round place to stay.

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Best Hostel near Berawa Surfing Beach

Surfers Dorm House 

Surfers Dorm House

Surfers Dorm House is the best hostel near Berawa Surfing Beach

Why we like Surfers Dorm Hostel…
We like it because its the whole place is amazingly chilled out and calm and is just a couple of minutes walk from the beach.

The Surfers Dorm might not be the most stylish hostel in town but the staff are really friendly and keep the hostel really clean.

Surfers Dorm Hostel is perfect for…
If you’re looking for a place to stay where you can get a good quiet night’s sleep and spend your days surfing, then this is the best hostel near Berawa Surfing Beach for you.

There’s a super nice rooftop terrace at the Surfers Dorm, which is the ideal place for watching the Balinese sunset with a beer.

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Best Hostel near Echo Beach, Canggu

Bima Sakti Hostel Canggu 

Bima Sakti Hostel Canggu

Bima Sakti Hostel Canggu has an onsite bar with a view over the water – it is the best hostel near Echo Beach, Canggu!

Why we like Bima Sakti Hostel Canggu…
We like this hostel as it might not have all of the style and comfort of other nearby hotels, but it IS right on the beach. Staying here means waking up and being steps from the waves and tropical views. We think that makes is one of the best hostels in Canggu.

Bima Sakti Hostel Canggu is perfect for…
Perfect for people who are all about the beach, the best hostel on Echo beach might be a low key place to hang out but they do also have a relaxing bar/restaurant area with views out across the water. Makes for a nice spot to get chatting to other travellers too.

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Best High-end Hostel in Canggu

• Gypsy Moon Bali 

Gypsy Moon Bali

Gypsy Moon Bali has luxurious accommodation and one epic pool – it’s the best high-end hostel in Canggu!

Why we like Gypsy Moon Bali…
If anywhere does design well it’s Bali – and the best high-end hostel in Canggu is no different.

We love the amazingly stylish decorations all over the hostel, the dorms that are incredibly cosy as well as the crazily chic outdoor swimming pool and the kitchen that looks like it’s straight out of a magazine photoshoot.

Gypsy Moon Bali is perfect for…
The perfect cool hostel in Canggu for lovers of aesthetic. If you want to stay somewhere with a fun sociable hostel atmosphere but don’t want any of the mouldy unclean showers and gross toilets, then you should stay here.

The staff are also very nice and serve up tasty but reasonably priced food for guests to tuck into as well.

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Best Cheap Hostel in Canggu

• Bali Beats Guesthouse 

Bali Beats Guesthouse

Bali Beats Guesthouse is the best cheap hostel in Canggu

Why we like Bali Beats Guesthouse..
We can’t help but like this top hostel in Canguu. It’s a self-proclaimed budget backpackers hostel but still manages to be a cool and comfy place to hang out.

This hostel proves that cheap does not always mean you have to cut corners: beds are clean, security is good and they arrange all sorts of cool tours too.

Bali Beats Guesthouse is perfect for…
Perfect for travellers who are watching their wallets and also enjoy eating; this is the best cheap hostel in Canguu because not only are the rates cheap here, but they also serve up big helpings of free dinners every night… and who doesn’t like free food?

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Best Hostel with a Private Room in Canggu

• Waterborn Bali 

Waterborn Bali

With big beds and a relaxing pool, you can’t go wrong!

Why we like Waterborn Bali…
We all want a bit of privacy now and again, and we like that this hostel offers up some really quite luxurious private rooms.

Winning the title of the best hostel in Canggu with private rooms, think whitewashed walls, big beds and fresh white linen. The bathrooms are pretty cool too!

Waterborn Bali is perfect for…
The perfect place to stay for people who are looking for one of the coolest hostels in Canguu, even the dorms at this hostel are really nice.

There’s a relaxing outdoor pool for guests to cool down in too and the location in the middle of town means it’s surrounded by bars and cafes.

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More Best Hostels in Canggu

The Hideout Hostel 

The Hideout Hostel

The Hideout Hostel

Why we like The Hideout…
We like that this place actually feels like a hideout for people who are into surfing and yoga. The hostel is located a little far away from bars and nightlife but is a super laid back place.

They even provide free yoga classes every morning for guests. And there’s an amazing outdoor pool too!

The Hideout t is perfect for…
The perfect cool hostel in Canguu for travellers who like to chill out and aren’t fussed about luxury. The staff here are friendly and everyone is super laid back, so if you want to spend some time relaxing and distressing, this really is the best hostel in Canggu for you.

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• Griya Backpackers Canggu 

Griya Backpackers Canggu

Griya Backpackers Canggu

Why we like Griya Backpackers Canguu…
We like the fact that this place is a small and intimate hostel which is run by a friendly bunch of people.

There’s a small pool to take a dip in and the whole hostel is clean and really well looked after and generally a great choice for a top hostel in Canguu.

Griya Backpackers Canguu is perfect for…
The perfect place to stay if you are looking for a sociable hostel where you can meet other people, there’s always a fun activity or some interesting person to get chatting to at this recommended hostel in Canggu.

The Griya is not an all-night party hostel, but the staff look after their guests and make sure everybody has fun and enjoys their time here.

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• Tribe Theory 

Tribe Theory

Tribe Theory

Why we like Tribe Theory…
We like that this place is newly opened and has been set up with digital nomads in mind. One of the coolest hostels in Canggu, there’s not much not to like about this place, apart from the fact it’s a little far away from the centre of town. But if you need to get some work done that just means fewer distractions!

Tribe Theory is perfect for…
It goes without saying that this hostel is a perfect hostel in Canggu for digital nomads. It’s set up by entrepreneurs who know all about making a cool space to work in, plus it’s surrounded by beautiful countryside for a very chill atmosphere, too.

The room rates are reasonable as well, and there’s super fast internet so you can send emails all day long.

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• Castaway Hostel 

Castaway Hostel

Castaway Hostel

Why we like Castaway Hostel…
We like the idea of being castaway on a beautiful island like Bali… but also being close to places to get food and a few nice people to hang out with too.

The Castaway Hostel in Canggu provides all of that and a clean and comfy bed to sleep in at night too. What more could you want? How about a swim-up bar? Because they have that too.

Castaway Hostel is perfect for…
Perfect for people who fancy themselves as the next Tom Hanks, this cool hostel in Canggu is actually a very relaxing spot to stay in. The hostel is a big villa is set among grassy gardens and is surrounded by rice fields.

The beach is about 20 minutes from here, but it’s easy to rent a scooter from the hostel to travel around on.

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• Canggu Surfing House 

Canggu Surfing House

Canggu Surfing House

Why we like Canggu Surfing House…
We like this place because even though it’s a chilled out surf hostel where the staff really care about making it a clean and safe environment. The dorms are rustic and stylish and each comes with their own bathroom.

The bunks are really cosy too, with privacy curtains and brand new mattresses making for a great night’s sleep.

Canggu Surfing House is perfect for…
If you want to be in walking distance of the top surf spots then this Canguu backpackers hostel is for you.

There might not be a pool or bar on offer but all the nightlife spots are super close by and you can arrange boat trips and activities through the hostel too.

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• Sunny Surf Lodge 

Sunny Surf Lodge

Sunny Surf Lodge

Why we like Sunny Surf Lodge…
We like that this place offers a cool and contemporary place to stay for surfers and sun-seekers in Canguu.

There’s lots of cosy corners to hang out in on bean bags and a really nice outdoor pool – a great spot to meet other travellers. It’s not too far to walk from here to the beach, either.

Sunny Surf Lodge is perfect for…
The perfect spot to unwind and get a good night’s rest after an active day, the hostel beds are like capsules are provide a nice bit of privacy.

A cool hostel in Canguu, prices here are cheap and there’s a little kitchen so guests can make small meals, but there’s also a whole heap of eateries on the doorstep too.

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• Ahoy Hostel 

Ahoy Hostel

Ahoy Hostel

Why we like Ahoy Hostel…
We like that this place is brand new and shiny. Where other new hostels might be a little unfinished, this place is a fully operating hostel with all sorts of great facilities on offer.

The outdoor pool is pretty beautiful and the hostel is really clean and well looked after by a group of friendly staff who are always on hand to help out.

Ahot Hostel is perfect for…
Set inside a big villa, this youth hostel in Canguu is perfect for people who want a little bit more luxury. The dorms are small but not overly crammed full of beds and have big windows to let in lots of natural light.

There’s tropical trees and nature surrounding the hostel too, which is actually located down a quiet side street.

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Closing Thoughts on the Best Bargain Hostels in Canggu

Canguu is just such a cool place to stay. There’s an amazing amount of cool hostels that make it really easy to meet other travellers and make the most of the amazing location in Canguu by providing a place to stay near the beach too.

It’s not all about surfing though. The surrounding area is full of beautiful landscapes and rice fields and there’s some really tasty food served up in the restaurants around town – and a vibrant nightlife too.

We hope you managed to find the perfect hostel in Canggu for your trip; there’s such a great choice of cool places to stay that the only problem will be deciding which hostel is the best for you!

If you can’t work out which hostel to book, just go with our best overall hostel in Canguu – The Farm Hostel (it’s amazing!),  and then get ready to have a blissed-out time by the sea in Bali.