Get an unfair advantage in Thailand.

Be several steps ahead of other tourists by knowing what to expect.
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Reader, meet Thailand – get introduced and arrive several steps ahead of other tourists.

One Weird Globe introductions are your way to leapfrog other tourists and know what’s really going on in a country. They’re written to be read quickly (like on the plane!) and be a reference guide once you’ve arrived

Revamped and updated for 2016!

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A few highlights:

  • Can you get a visa on arrival? Learn which visa is right for you
  • Get a SIM and stay connected to the internet
  • Food, glorious food! Where to go and what to try
  • The unwritten rules of temple etiquette
  • Drinking, the nightlife, the markets, staying safe, and plenty more.

About One Weird Globe introductions

One Weird Globe introductions offer an unbiased look at a city or area/province. You get a great general overview of a country, followed by recommendations of places to go. See also One Weird Globe itineraries (great if you prefer having things planned out for you) and guidebooks (comprehensive looks at a country).

About the author

Headshot square smallChris Backe is the blogger behind One Weird Globe, a popular blog about offbeat destinations and life as an expat. His mission in life is to make travel awesome, and to set you up to succeed while traveling. He’s lived in Korea, Thailand, Colombia, and traveled to weird destinations across Europe. He’s also the founder of the Choose a Way series, the interactive travel guidebooks that put you in charge. He’s been seen in Atlas Obscura, io9, Fark, Mental Floss, Groove Magazine, and many other publications. When not traveling or writing, he enjoys swing dancing and a good game of Cards Against Humanity.


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