Enjoy Thailand's bizarre destinations.

Over 100 contained in this guidebook for your journey.
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Explore Thailand’s weird, wonderful, and offbeat side.

Ask yourself: do you really want to go to the same touristy places as everyone else? Or would you rather return home with some unique stories to tell and some awesome pictures to brag about? One Weird Globe guides are your key to enjoying a city or area. Get off the beaten path and head to some awesome places most tourists have never heard of.

This isn’t just a list of places to go…

One Weird Globe’s mission is to make travel awesome, and to set you up to succeed. That means giving you plenty of info to prepare before you arrive:

  • Icons – know at a glance if it’s free, safe for kids, easy to find, etc.
  • A brief intro to the city / country
  • Recommended hostels / hotels
  • What to bring, how to get around, how to connect to the internet, safety warnings, and more
  • A location index, a category index, and an alphabetical index

Oh, and plenty of specific directions.

Revamped and updated for 2016!

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A few early reviews:

“Although I have been in Thailand for many years, Chris always seems to discover a place that I have never heard about before. That is why I was happy to hear that he had written an e-book on some of the weird and wonderful places that can be found around Thailand. If you want to get off the beaten track, then I highly recommend A Guidebook to Offbeat Thailand as an easy guide to some of Thailand’s more bizarre and unseen attractions.” — Richard Barrow, famous Thai blogger

“Take a walk on the weird side with this informative and easy-to-use book that’s equipped with handy GPS coordinates and plenty of tell-tale pics.” — Jim Algie, author of “Bizarre Thailand: Tales of Crime, Sex and Black Magic”

“Thai culture is often described as “elegant,” and while this is certainly true, it also has an endearingly quirky side that can be a lot of fun to explore. Chris Backe’s Guidebook to Offbeat Thailand is the finest travel guide to date that specifically hones in on Thailand’s quirky and offbeat destinations. With insightful words, great photos and precise directions and maps, it’s a user-friendly and thoroughly researched collection that’s a must for travelers who want to go beyond the predicable in Thailand.” — David Luekens, Travelfish.com

Just a few of the places inside:

  • The museum of elephants carved from wood
  • The biggest collection of Batman stuff in Thailand
  • The museum where the chicken bowls are made
  • The park where paper really is made from poo
  • The island where you can eat deep fried flowers
  • The museum of Counterfeit Goods: try to tell real from fake
  • The creepiest-looking forest in Thailand
  • The Thai Film Museum: a glimpse back in time, through movies
And plenty more.

About One Weird Globe guidebooks

One Weird Globe guidebooks offer a comprehensive look at a country. These are perfect if you prefer to do the planning yourself. You get recommendations to what to see and do, where to sleep, and most importantly, how to get there with clear directions and GPS coordinates. See also One Weird Globe introductions (great for a general overview of the country) and itineraries (great if you prefer having things planned out for you).

About the author

Headshot square smallChris Backe is the blogger behind One Weird Globe, a popular blog about offbeat destinations and life as an expat. His mission in life is to make travel awesome, and to set you up to succeed while traveling. He’s lived in Korea, Thailand, Colombia, and traveled to weird destinations across Europe. He’s also the founder of the Choose a Way series, the interactive travel guidebooks that put you in charge. He’s been seen in Atlas Obscura, io9, Fark, Mental Floss, Groove Magazine, and many other publications. When not traveling or writing, he enjoys swing dancing and a good game of Cards Against Humanity.


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