Become a Digital Nomad and Create the Life You Want With an Easy Step-By-Step Guide.

E-book available now — print book coming in April.
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Becoming a Digital Nomad

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Test And Transition Into The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

  • Imagine living the lifestyle you want while making money and working anywhere in the world.
  • Imagine enjoying the beaches in Thailand one day, then trying the best pizza in Italy the next.
  • It sounds like a dream — travel anywhere you want, make money doing something you enjoy, and live life to the fullest. It’s not a dream, though — a growing number of digital nomads are leaving the 9-to-5 life and choosing to take control of their life.

“No stone unturned! This is an incredibly comprehensive resource to take you from the idea of being a digital nomad to making it a reality, covering logistics, planning, and even the emotional process thereof.”

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Nora Dunn AKA The Professional Hobo

Stop me if you’ve said any of these recently:

  • I hate my job / coworkers.
  • I wish I could just get away.
  • need to do something with my life.
  • Man, that digital nomad friend sounds like they’re living an awesome life.
  • I wish I could travel more

What is a digital nomad? A person who travels at will, lives where they want, and does their work digitally. They have no cubicle and no dress code. Digital nomads are young, old, male, female, single, married, have children, and are from almost every country on this planet. If you want to become a digital nomad, nothing can stop you.

Becoming a Digital Nomad offers a proven step-by-step guide to test and transition into the digital nomad lifestyle. It’s one part travel guide and one part how-to. Steps build on each other in chronological order, and a dozen worksheets guide you with specific questions to answer. (These are freely available to save and print offline or online, whatever works best for you.)

“Chris’ book gives tremendous insight into the wonders and blunders of being a digital nomad. I especially like his well thought out list of resources for choosing a potential city or country to call your next home.”

C. Angel Crush

You’re in the right place if:

  • You’re tired of the life you’re currently living
  • You want to travel more while still making money
  • You want to test this new lifestyle out first
  • You’re ready to explore the world
  • You want to take control of your life.
  • You’re ready for a challenge
  • You’re willing to learn from an experienced nomad

This book is not for you if:

  • You’re unwilling / unable to leave your hometown.
  • You insist on having a very stable, predictable lifestyle.
  • You’re running away from something

All things considered – this is a fabulous book and I can’t wait to see the final product. Well done you!

Famous Ashley Grant

Beyond the book

The book holds a dozen worksheets dedicated to asking the right questions and helping you. Go to the URL in the book, and you can do one of two things:

  • Download the PDF of the worksheet to print it, then fill it out offline.
  • Fill out the PDF online (like a form), then save your responses as a PDF.

Either option is anonymous – no personal information or e-mail addresses needed.

Join the Facebook group at and feel free to ask questions there.

About the Author

Chris Backe has lived as a digital nomad since 2013, and was an expat teaching English in South Korea for five years before that. He is a travel blogger, a web developer, a guidebook writer, and a digital nomad consultant. He’s married to an awesome Canadian woman, and together they’ve traveled across Asia, Europe, South America, and North America.