11 Best Villas in Koh Phi Phi

With its reputation as a tropical paradise of an island, Koh Phi Phi sits in the Andaman Sea between Ko Lanta in the west and Phuket to the northwest. Whilst backpackers favour hostels and budget accommodation, we think a villa (still affordable here) makes visiting this…

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11 AMAZING Boutique Hotels in Penang

There is no place that better mixes traditional eastern culture with western colonial architecture than Penang. From its cozy cafes, street art, and golden sand beaches, this is the kind of island where you could see yourself moving to for good! To truly make your vacation…

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11 BEST Boutique Hotels in Osaka

Osaka is a massive mega-city that can not be summed up in just a few words. On one side you will find historic castles, traditional bars, and rich culture on its streets. On the other side, Osaka is lit with glaring neon lights, decorated with zany…

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11 Best Boutique Hotels in Kyoto

Geishas floating through the back alleys, intricate temples, and ornate palaces. Kyoto has been the seat of power for the Emperor of Japan for centuries. From the thousands of red tori gates to the towering bamboo forest, Kyoto is a truly a romantic Japanese city. To…

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