Don’t be a tourist – be a traveller with these easy travel tips!

You might be flying to the other side of the world, trekking along forgotten paths or visiting some of the most famous cities in the world, but no matter where you go, being a good traveller makes your globe trotting experience more enjoyable. Not just for you, but for everyone you meet along the way!

Here you’ll find some easy, straightforward tips of how you can be a good traveller wherever your plane ticket takes you.

But first, have you thought about travel insurance? Before you go anywhere it’s something you should consider. That way, you’ll be covered should something unexpected happen. Click here for Safetrip view on medical insurance vs travel insurance. Be a smart traveller and don’t leave home without it!

Be nice

Remember when you’re mum used to say – if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all? Well, applying this perspective to your travel journey is a sure fire way to have a much better trip, experience better customer service and meet more likeminded people! It goes without saying that travelling can be stressful, whether it’s flight delays, a problem with your room or your food order, even the language barrier. But try to remember that those you want to take your frustration out on are people too – and probably feel just as irritated as you! From the waiter to the receptionist, smile and keep it pleasant.

Leave the animals be

The animals you encounter on your travels can be just as exciting as the people. Especially if you see something rare or the flagship animal of the country you’re visiting. Getting that perfect selfie with a kangaroo might sound like the perfect addition to your Instagram feed, but not if you have to disturb the wildlife (or habitats) in the process. Be smart and think about the effect your intrusive presence could have on an animal that’s minding its own business.

The environment

We’re all becoming more and more conscious of the impact humans are having on the planet. Whether it’s shocking videos of struggling marine life, famous faces doing beach cleans, or worrying news reports, none of us can escape the fact that more needs to be done to keep the planet safe and healthy. So, when you’re travelling things like littering, being disrespectful to local wildlife, even partaking in activities such as animal rides and sideshows, all contribute to this growing problem.

Try to travel as consciously as you can, making swaps like shampoo and conditioner bars instead of plastic bottles, disposing of your litter properly, avoiding plastic straws and bringing your own reusable cutlery on your travels with you. You might not feel like you’re making a difference, but you’ll be leading by example!


When visiting a new country, new city or village, make the most of your experience. Try to learn a few phrases of the native language before you travel and make the effort with the locals too. They’ll no doubt appreciate the effort you’ve gone to, rather than being shouted at in English!

Aiden Higgins

Aiden travels for two things - food and sports! An avid football-fanatic, Aiden eats his way through Europe while catching every football he can manage! When he is not chasing matches around the continent, Aiden lives in Birmingham, UK.
Aiden Higgins