To my wonderful readers, thank you for your years of support.

Ever since I started blogging in 2008 as Chris in South Korea, I’ve had people I’ve never met reading about the weird and wonderful. Even through two rebrands (the short-lived Chris in Thailand and the One Weird Globe name you see here), so many of you typed in the domain name, followed a search engine link, or found me on social media. It would not be an exaggeration to say close to a million people have found this site over the years.

At the same time, however, I’ll confess to having fallen further and further behind on travel blogging as other interests have taken shape — specifically, making board games / card games. While living in Florida (circa late 2016), I started a website for that interest: I didn’t talk about it much on here since there isn’t a lot of crossover between traveling and games, and I spent more time playing games and making games than writing about them.

Though 2017, we’ve traveled through Europe (mostly Eastern Europe), all the while exploring on weekends and playing or testing games… Going to Essen in late 2017 (the world’s largest board game convention, located in Essen, Germany) was a life-changer. To put it mildly, the game-making picked up steam as I learned more about this world.

I was, of course, still trying to carve out time between games and traveling to blog… and part of that time was spent writing Becoming a Digital Nomad. I also began to feel a little burnt out from travel blogging. The world of travel and travel blogging has definitely changed — off-the-beaten-path has become a selling point for mainstream tours, while some revenue sources dried up and new ones weren’t as easily found.

Fast forward to May 2018, when someone reached out that was looking to buy some travel blogs to develop further. We came to terms, and in June 2018, I’ve sold the One Weird Globe blog.

For the immediate future, little will change – all blog content will remain online. I’m not privy to the buyer’s plans for new content, but they’ll have plenty of materials to work with.

Answers to a few expected questions:

Will you still be blogging? Yes, absolutely — about playing and making games over at I might also do some guest posts on other people’s sites as well when time allows.

Will you still be travel blogging? No plans to right now, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last decade, it’s that you never say never..

What about your Facebook / Twitter / Instagram? Those transferred to the new owner with the sale. Friend me on Facebook (warning: getting a bit selective there!), or follow Entro Games on Twitter (@entrogaming) or Instagram (@entrogames).

What about your books? My books remain my own, though I’ll be rebranding them in the near future to avoid confusion. Haven’t decided on the new branding as of when I write this blog post, however. If there’s a book you really want and you can’t find it, contact me at chrisbacke AT gmail DOT com and we’ll sort things out.

How much did you sell your blog for? Sorry, not at liberty to discuss this. I can say it was a fair price for the amount of time and effort I’ve put into the blog over the years.

What will you do with the money? A fair bit will be saved for my first Kickstarter game in the coming months, but I’ll also put some towards savings.

What sort of games do you make? Board / card games (not video games) — there’s a whole world of them beyond Risk or Monopoly. If you haven’t tried some of the modern classics like Ticket to Ride, Carcassone, Alhambra, or Splendor, you are in for a treat. Go check out now.



Chris Backe is the main writer here at One Weird Globe. He's written over 25 books and itineraries, and is the founder of Entro Games and Blog Tuneup. He's lived in Korea, Thailand, Colombia, and has traveled across Europe.