As always, Random Pictures posts highlight those shots that didn’t make it into other posts.

Every so often, you wonder what goes into the naming of a restaurant. In this case, it seems a safe assumption of where the ‘Jackie Chan’ name might come from.


Oh myy.


That awkward moment when the road ends in a dead end… of a huge pile of earth…


Now that’s what I call a busy backroom…


Go on, admit it. You’ve always wanted to sit on an alligator (crocodile?).


How the humans have scarred the earth… That faint zig-zag is actually pretty easy to spot in real life – and quite possibly the only way down from this rather steep mountain.


That’s no doll – that’s a fetus from a millennium ago. Seen in the Museo Cassinelli Mazzei in Trujillo.


When the ancient Peruvians conquered their foes, they stripped the losing warriors naked and marched them back to their cities. I doubt, however, they were that, erm, well-endowed. Seen outside a souvenir shop near El Brujo / Museo Cao.


Pixelated pelicans, anyone? Seen at Chan Chan near Trujillo.

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