It’s been a busy sort of winter here in Sofia behind the scenes. There hasn’t been a whole lot of weird stuff found in Sofia… but naturally there’s been a few random pictures!

So if you work here, are you a ‘Batman’ or ‘Batwoman?

Just the first of several fun street art shots.

Creepy or Illuminati? You decide.

Seen as you head down the Vasil Levski Stadium — it’s not really clear whether they’re playing football or some really weird dance sport going on.

And all this time I thought the Klingon homeworld was fictional….

One kinda hilarious point to make about the Sofia subway system: the current terminus of line 2 has been written in by hand, and (at least as of this blog’s publishing date), isn’t shown as linked to the rest of the system on Google Maps.

Go on, ride that Angry Bird knockoff. You know you want to.

Naturally, it’s closed and unavailable to see for myself.

For those not in on the joke, rakia is the local firewater, and I’m certain it ‘connects people’ in some… interesting… ways…

Ahh, Sofia, where even the random statues are classy. Seen near the European Union station.

The Sofia graffiti / street art tour (to be covered in a future post) offers a pretty awesome take on the city.

It can be rather hard to know how old these pieces are unless the writer thought to put the date / year…

One element of the street art tour talked about how the writers / painters would use the metal boxes (for electricity or phone wires?). This particular one was near a church, and the church officials supposedly didn’t mind the artwork. It wasn’t until later, when the bush behind it lost its leaves and they saw the back of the box. You’ll have to find it for yourself or go on the tour to find the twist ending, though!

Because when you can make a older building look like a slice of cake…? Good times….

This one wasn’t on the tour, but there is a piece on the tour done by this same duo (Mysa and Mouse).

While randomly meandering through the city, it was great to see one painter hard at work.

Go on, take a selfie with Charlie Chaplin.

Today’s life lessons are brought to you by a random electrical box in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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