(As always, Random Pictures are those pictures that haven’t appeared in other posts, but were too good to keep to myself.)

Ahh, Budapest, ‘the city that unites’ despite being divided by the Danube. There’s something to be said about all the statues around — a reminder that once in awhile, you’ve gotta look up to see what’s going on.

Not the most elegant way to describe the main entrees, but it’s a way of attracting attention…

Gotta say that ‘Panic Salon’ isn’t exactly the most inspiring name.

If walking the streets or pedestrian areas in eastern Budapest, watch for bikes like this one. They’re manly-looking, but silent as most electric vehicles are.

The town is full of street art, as evidenced in a recent post covering a guided tour of Budapest, but this is a mosaic worth a closer look.

If someone could borrow this design and throw it on a t-shirt for me…? I’m a XL.

Just another one of the many statues seen throughout the city. Loved how the silhouette played out with the sword and the laurels.

Seen in the Buda Castle district, it’s part of some overpriced, modern tourist attraction I didn’t enter. I just thought the notion of a floor of selfie opportunities was too… odd…

Now that is one wicked-looking baby…

Come on, admit it — you’ve kinda wanted to see Lenin in a mohawk. Seen at a communist-themed bar here in Budapest.

Do Cheetos come in ketchup and peanut in other countries? Asking for myself here.

Maybe we show our faces to the world a little differently, depending on who you’re around… Maybe this is just an oddball sculpture in my neighborhood just down the street from the MOM Park Mall.

…and then someone decided to make a lolly in the form of a poo emoji. I… got nothing.

Let me know when ice cream officially becomes a wellness food. I’ll buy you a cone.

Ahh, yes, Dr. Kiss… For those that haven’t extensively played Grand Theft Auto III, there’s an oddball character by the name of Lazlow that also brought a chuckle…

Chinese restaurants all over the world have a… tenuous connection with the English language…

Another of Budapest’s odder statues. Go on, sit on its lap outside the Hungarian Agriculture Museum.

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