Some more random pictures taken across Korea whilst traveling. Enjoy!

I love subway signs sometimes, pointing you in two different directions…

NO. Sorry, but no androgynous-looking person will encourage me to buy a beer…

An interesting mural around Hansung University.

Not sure who would buy this, but hey – it’s for sale in the Hongdae area.

Yet another odd piece of ‘stencil art’ – fascinating in that weird way.

Baby looks… stoned… or unusually happy… take your pick.

No telling what’s going on here, but it looks like they’ve had a long night.

A special treat – Mexican band rocking the crowd just outside of Yongsan station.

I didn’t ask where the shirt was from, but how true.

Outside a bus stop in the Gangnam area. The posters go up by night and are taken down by morning, but the tape remains.

Found just outside of a private English school (hagwon) – they’re nice enough to tell you what they teach… Who needs that whole ‘give me your poor…’ speech anyway? We’ve got English to learn…

Life is King… But you’re a… girl… aren’t you called a queen?

Every so often these pop up around the town on doors, sides of buildings… They look like stencils just spray painted onto something – creative and kinda cute.

Gotta love the names of some schools: PIS and PMS, anyone?

A ‘pretty boy’ or ‘flower boy’ – thankfully, actual examples are fairly rare.

From Busan’s Haeundae Beach area – a horse and buggy sign on a road that probably hasn’t seen a horse and buggy in decades.

Seen in the Body Shop (think Bath and Body Works if you’re in the US, only better) – she doesn’t look ‘dimpled’ to me…

Sign FAIL – this is sadly quite common in some buildings / places (Electro Land, near Yongsan Electronics Market)

Two designs just outside of the Techno Mart in Gangbyeon.

A nice BIG margarita, just outside the Dos Tacos in Gangnam.

Nothing like Pooh in a ‘crane game’ – found inside an arcade near my apartment.

A popcorn vending machine? Sadly, this one was broken… Found at a rest area somewhere in Gangwon-do.

Love the cow with the ‘thumbs up’ sign.


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