Want to get your travel book in front of thousands of travelers? Here’s your chance!

Once a month, I review up to five travel books in a blog post that gets promoted on social media. See previous reviews here, and see how books are rated here. All books are reviewed honestly, whether a review is paid for or not, and all reviews remain online indefinitely. I’ll review any non-fiction travel book, whether it was self-published or published by a prestigious publishing house.

A single book can take quite a few hours to properly review and send feedback to the author, which is why I charge for reviews. (There is a free, non-guaranteed option – keep scrolling to find it.) The review you see on the website is just the tip of the iceberg.

IMPORTANT! Before reading on, make sure your book is:

  • About travel in some real way. Guidebooks, travel memoirs, tales of travel, how-to books are all great. If the knowledge inside will help a person while traveling, it’s probably what my audience is looking for. A fictional book about characters that happen to travel is not. You’ll be refunded if it’s not a fit, of course.
  • Completely finished and on sale / pre-order. If it isn’t on sale yet, mention this in the form below and I’ll hold the review until it’s on sale or available for pre-order.
  • Well-edited, well-formatted, and otherwise works as it should. Poor formatting or technical issues detract from the reading experience, and may be noted in the review. (With paid packages, an e-mail noting any issues is sent.)


Paid option #1: The Reviewer package

  • Your book is read and honestly reviewed on One Weird Globe in 150-200 words (sometimes longer). The cover is displayed as part of the review, and there’s a do-follow link to the Amazon page and/or your website for people to buy the book.
  • I’ll leave an honest review of your book on Amazon using my personal account and name.
  • I’ll promote your book on social media to my 15,000+ followers and friends twice in the week after the post goes live.
  • I’ll offer any suggestions or advice to improve your book or its description in a brief follow-up e-mail.



Paid option #2: The Promoter package

This package includes everything from the Reviewer package, plus:

  • I’ll also make every effort to review your book on B&N, Apple’s iBookstore, and other online bookstores where you’ve mentioned it’s available for sale online (be sure to mention these places in the form below, of course! I’m unable to review books on Smashwords, as their platform requires the book to be purchased on their platform.)
  • I’ll promote your book on social media to my 15,000+ friends and followers three additional times over the course of a month
  • Offering a uniquely-crafted testimonial for use on your own site as you like.


Either way, your book gets seen by thousands of my followers on social media and thousands of readers on the blog.


Free review program (not guaranteed)

While free reviews aren’t guaranteed, most books are selected. You’ll receive an honest review of your book in the post, but they don’t receive any extra social media coverage or private feedback via e-mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the review be published?

In general, book review posts are published in the middle of the month – books received after the 10th of the month may be held until the following month.

If I pay for a review and get a bad review, can I ask for a refund?

Once a review is published, no refunds are available. You’re paying for the service of an honest review, not an advertisement or puff piece.

Do you review books even if you’re not part of the target market?

Yes – I’ve reviewed books on solo travel, women looking to make the Netherlands a home, and travel guides to cities and countries I have no plans to visit. As long as it’s about travel in some real way, I’ll review it. I aim to put myself into the reader’s shoes, while acknowledging I’m a white, married, straight, thirty-something guy originally from the US.

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