Another of Nomadic Matt’s books, the title tells you what kind of ride you’re in for. The picture is one of a fantasy, of course, but one that many a travel blogger has fantasized about.

Originally written in 2011 and updated earlier this year, How to Make Money with your Travel Blog gets into the nitty-gritty details of how to actually do it. Matt’s own experience of being a full-time travel blogger bears that out, and makes the 100+ page book full of useful advice. PROTIP: it’s a horizontal-oriented e-book – great for reading on an iPad or full screen on your laptop.

He makes it clear from the very beginning that it’s a lot of work, and as a travel blogger since 2008 it’s the truth.

As mentioned, the book was originally written in 2011, and most of the advice is still good advice today. It feels like the update from earlier this year didn’t go far enough in updating the reader, however. Websites change (is anyone really still using StumbleUpon?), as do SEO tactics and the capabilities of WordPress. The plug-ins he recommends, while still generally active, occasionally duplicate efforts found elsewhere (for anyone that gets the book, know that Yoast’s free WordPress SEO plug-in, not mentioned in the book, incorporate the breadcrumb and the Google Sitemap XML plug-ins mentioned in the book.) Other functionality, while certainly useable as a plug-in, is often built into modern themes (the Related Posts plugin mentioned is but one of many like it).

Where Matt’s advice shines is when he talks about community and building a readership. That’s what gotten him to where he is today. The monetization section (the final major section) is both the largest and the best in the book – in fact I found myself learning a few things from the section. His details on pricing on types of advertising make the book worth it by itself.

For $27, it’s a solid guide to answer the earnest questions you may have. It’s aimed squarely at the beginner, and uses very little technical / geeky talk to make its points. For people already making some money from their blog? It’s not really aimed at you, but I learned a few new things to try.

Of course, there’s LOTS of ways to make money online – check out this post for a bunch of great ideas for how to make money when traveling. 

Recommended for new bloggers or people unfamiliar with monetizing.

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Disclosure: Chris received a review copy of the book.

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