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If you’re in the travel blogging world, there are a couple of respected bloggers you’ve probably heard of. One is Gary Arndt, the guy behind Everything Everywhere and one of the few to receive quite a bit of mainstream coverage from his trips to every country around the world. The other is Matt Kepnes, the guy behind Nomadic Matt.

Superstar Blogging

In the past, Matt’s offered up plenty of tips and resources to upping your blogging game – now, he’s offering a course he calls The Business of Travel Blogging. I got a sneak peek at the course to find the following sections:

  • The Basics – Get Started Right
  • Setting Up Your Website
  • How to Write Well and Go Viral
  • How to Design a Beautiful Website
  • How to Get Traffic and Grow Your Website
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • How to Make Money with Your Website
  • Newsletter: How to Create and Market With Them
  • How to Work with PR, Tourism Boards, and Brands

I should stop here for a moment and point something out.

As I was reviewing this course, I had the nagging feeling that I had read this before. Wordings were similar, the specific sites mentioned sounded similar…

After a few minutes, I realized why. Quite a bit of the material is from Matt’s previous book, “How to Make Money with your Travel Blog”, which was originally sold at a few different price points under $50 as early as 2011. What’s available today seems to be the revamp of a course he originally announced back in June 2015 (at a price point of $199), which came complete with many of the same bonuses, webinars, and freebies still available today. The course and book material have both been updated, obviously, though the price point has also gone up (now $347).

As someone that’s recently finished revamping my own books, I’m well aware of the win-win it really is. Readers get the benefit of an up-to-date title, while the author doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel every time they write a book on the same topic. If you’ve purchased one of Nomadic Matt’s books or courses before, you may come across some similar material amidst the new stuff. If you haven’t, no worries. Either way, there’s enough new stuff to justify the price.

…OK, back to the review.

Complete with expert interviews, suggested reading, and webinars, Matt gets full credit for offering plenty of material to learn from. Expert interviews run the gamut from the entrepreneur Pat Flynn to awesome blogger Jodi Ettenberg among many others. (It’s in these sections where he asks the reader to ‘please ignore all references to ‘books’ – an indication the audio and video has been repurposed from previous versions.)

Each blog-post-sized lesson is big enough to read and think about over a cup of coffee, but not so big that you’re overwhelmed by it all. There are enough homework assignments to keep you on track, and since it’s mostly text, the pages load quickly on any device you’re using.

Six webinars come in audio, video, and transcript format, making it easy to access however you prefer to take material in:

  • Introduction to Strategy Planning
  • How to Create Content People Want to Read
  • How to Attract (and Keep) Readers to Your Blog
  • The Importance of Design (or How Not to Look Like Spam)
  • Questions, Answers, and Site Critiques
  • SEO: Theory and Practice

Monthly webinars are promised going forward, with recordings made available to peruse when convenient for you.

A lengthy list of suggested reading is helpful, but potentially overwhelming. Start with one or two at a time – some are classics you’ve probably already read, while other are lesser-known worthwhile books. You’ll also have the chance to receive some personalized tech support courtesy of partner Chris Richardson at RTW Labs.

Overall, The Business of Travel Blogging delivers looks to be for beginning bloggers that are ready to make an investment in both themselves and their future brand. Its focus on the actual business of travel blogging is rarely talked about by the sort of knowledgeable people you’ll have access to. If you’re a beginner, this is the foundation I wish I had when I started. If you’ve been blogging for more than a year, there’s enough to learn about pitching and SEO to be worth your while.

Recommended, for newbies.

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(Disclosure: yes, these are affiliate links. Yes, I got a sneak peek at the content. No, I’m not that easy to buy.)


Chris Backe is the main writer here at One Weird Globe. He's written over 25 books and itineraries, and is the founder of Entro Games and Blog Tuneup. He's lived in Korea, Thailand, Colombia, and has traveled across Europe.